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how can we lose weight in the places that matter to us

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how can we lose weight in the places that matter to us

To devise an effective diet, you need to take into account some fundamental points for weight loss. Let’s see which ones together.

Contrary to what one might think, the concept of diet it should not be associated exclusively with weight loss, but also with its maintenance itself. Technically, a human being should constantly stay on a dietat least over a period of five days.

Diet (Pexels)

By this we do not mean the drastic reduction of the food taken, but its correct selection based on nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The weekend break is contemplated, but must be limited to two, maximum three meals throughout the week.

Once this point is clarified, in the next paragraph we will talk about precisely fundamental aspects to be taken into consideration in relation to maintaining physical fitness. In fact, the health and resistance of the body should not be associated exclusively with the type of diet. Our body is the mirror of our lifestyle, which must be modulated in relation to our real physical condition. Let’s see all the details together.

Diet: weight loss and maintenance, key points

First, it should be noted that in the first stage of your diet, you will probably lose many pounds in a short time, after which your performance will slow down. This is not associated with the lack of effectiveness of the diet, you will simply need an extra stimulus. In fact, initially the selection of foods allows a sudden elimination of excess liquids. Once you get through this phase, the body will draw its energy from the fat mass – much more difficult to scale than liquids. At this very moment, it comes into play physical activity.

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Diet - Key Points (Pexels)
Diet – Key Points (Pexels)

Sport and movement of the body, combined with the continuation of the diet, allow the replacement of fat mass with lean mass. At this stage, you will have to forget about the scale and rely exclusively on the tape measure. To check your weight loss, check your measurements on the waist and hips. In fact, muscle mass weighs more than fat, but is decidedly finer. The scale may mistakenly lead you to believe that the diet is losing its effectiveness. In reality, you are simply getting stronger and more toned.

Finally, we want to dispel a myth: there is no localized diet. Be wary of sites that convince you of the possibility of losing weight only on the abdomen or on the hips. The fingers include the whole organism and the morphology of the body cannot be changed. However, it is possible to shape the muscles through localized training (lunges and glute bridges for women; chest and back for men for example). Overall, the perfect combo for maintaining fitness remains as follows: healthy and balanced diet, associated with daily physical activity.

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