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How many clementines to eat to lower blood sugar? Incredible

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With high blood sugar, you must avoid taking clementines because they provide 9% of sugars. For this reason, you must always pay attention to the quantity and never eat more than two a day.

When to eat clementines to lower blood sugar?

They should be eaten 2 hours after the main meals. Those with high blood sugar should never take clementines for lunch and dinner, especially if they consume foods with a high glycemic index. Clementines have a glycemic index of 30. For blood sugar control it is important that diabetics take care not to exceed the load. For this you have to limit the portions. This is why we must never go beyond the two clementines.

Which fruit to eat to lower blood sugar?

The pear is a suitable fruit. Contains the fibers that help lower it. It also provides antioxidants that help prevent disease. It is a fruit to be consumed always fresh and in season. It should be eaten with the peel which contains up to 25% of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. People with diabetes should eat fruit but not in main meals if they contain foods with a high glycemic index. The pear should be eaten between meals, also as a hunger breaker.

Do clementines make you lose weight?

Some internet sites recommend taking clementines to lose weight. They are citrus fruits with a sweet taste. A hectogram of clementines provides just 47 calories. Thanks to their richness in fiber, if you eat before a meal, they reduce hunger. They also bring substances such as bromine salts. They are trace elements with a calming effect, capable of reducing the desire to nibble, especially in the evening. For this reason they are a fruit that can reconcile a correct rest, precisely because of their slightly sedative action on the nervous system. The juice is an excellent snack, vitamin, low-calorie and anti-stress. It is important to choose organic clementines that do not wear wax on the skin.

What do clementines contain?

They are rich in water, protein and low in fat and calories. They contain Vitamin A, C, B and PP. They have a good dose of ascorbic acid, folic acid and citric acid. They strengthen the immune system in the winter. They favor intestinal transit and counteract constipation. They are easily digested and reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Gastritis sufferers should not eat them. Here are the minerals they provide:

  • Sodium.
  • Potassium.
  • Ferro.
  • Football.
  • Phosphorus.
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