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How many times a week can I eat eggs? “Caution”

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How many times a week can I eat eggs?  “Caution”

The egg represent one of those few foods, which we can find at the base of many dishes and typical products of Italian cuisine and beyond, consequently we are led to consume them very frequently, perhaps in some cases, even more than necessary, but before seeing what they say experts in this regard, let’s see what eggs represent from a nutritional point of view. The latter are undoubtedly among the most nutritious foods, especially since they are very rich in protein nobles. To be precise, they contain about a dozen grams per 100 grams of food.

But what matters most is that those specific to eggs are proteins of extremely high biological value, even counted among the most assimilable and complete ever, i.e. with all the essential amino acids and, moreover, in perfect proportions. In eggwe also find a large quantity of fats (about ten grams per 100 grams of eggs), especially monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are particularly benefits. Certainly among the most frequent substances, we must not forget to mention the minerals, such as for example iron and selenium, as regards the vitamins, however, within the egg, we find vitamin A, B2, B5 and B12. Carbohydrates, on the other hand, appear only in small, I dare say almost non-existent traces.

Of course, eggs are one of the biggest sources of cholesterol, specifically over 350 mg, for every 100 g. The total caloric content is around 130 Kcal/100 g. Precisely by virtue of the cholesterol content mentioned above, the guidelines on nutrition recommend the consumption of at least one egg at least 2 times a week, other guidelines, the more generous ones, go up to 5 times a week. Obviously, these are limits that do not find full correspondence in the scientific literature, and therefore should not be extended to the general population, but only to certain subjects.

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As regards subjects who do not suffer from particular ailments and do not even have critical issues related to metabolism of cholesterol, the most modern (of the last 5 years) and best conducted epidemiological studies indicate with precision that the consumption of a egg whole per day. Be that as it may, we must pay close attention, not only to eggs as they are, but also to the total quantity of eggs consumed, I am referring to those included in other dishes and products in a hidden or apparent form, for example such as egg pasta , cookies and others sweets.

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