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Canadian women often report consuming cannabis products to relieve menopause-related symptoms, according to survey data published in the journal BMJ Open.

Investigators affiliated with the University of Alberta looked at cannabis use trends in a cohort of nearly 1,500 women aged 35 and older.

Among respondents who reported being current cannabis users, many indicated that they used marijuana products to improve menopause-related symptoms, such as joint pain and trouble sleeping. Most women said they have not discussed its use with their healthcare professionals.

“Our survey determined that women use cannabis for symptoms during the menopausal transition,” concluded the authors. “Access to information on cannabis was most frequent through online searches and personal contacts, with limited involvement of healthcare professionals. … Overall, many women in our survey reported that cannabis was helpful for their symptoms. … More research is needed to study the efficacy and safety of cannabis on menopausal symptoms and promote the development of clinical resources that women can use to make informed decisions about cannabis for medical purposes.

The findings are consistent with those of previous US surveys they estimate that nearly 30% of middle-aged women who use cannabis do so to relieve symptoms related to menopause.

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