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If you can’t fall asleep it could be your fault: do something you shouldn’t be doing

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If you can’t fall asleep it could be your fault: do something you shouldn’t be doing

If you can’t fall asleep, it may be something you do on a daily basis that is affecting your sleep. Here’s what it is

If you struggle to fall asleep and, unfortunately, you experience the moment of sleep badly, know that there is a scientific explanation. Since – as he stated Sofocle – “sleep is the only effective medicine”, it is important to run for cover in time and understand the causes, so as to resolve and return to enjoy a sleep that is as restorative as possible.

If you struggle to fall asleep, smartphones and computers could be to blame – ilgranata.it

Some studies have made it possible to understand how there is a correlation between the sleep disorders and exposure to electronic devices. According to what has emerged, in fact, the latter have a great impact on the salute of our body, interfering with the circadian rhythms that are responsible for rest and also of waking.

The harmful use of smartphones, computers and tablets before falling asleep

Some research conducted by National Sleep Foundation of the University of California have emerged as the usage of smartphone, computer, tablet and similar devices may compromise the quality of our sleep. These, in fact, can be considered, to all intents and purposes, harmful to its natural course.

Sleeping well is important – ilgranata.it

Many use smartphones, computers and tablets for a long time and on a daily basis, without separating them even in bed when it is most needed. Anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone on their bedside table – perhaps with an alarm clock set, messages and continuous notifications – and scrolls through the homepages of various social before falling asleep?

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To be affected by this bad habit are – as mentioned – the circadian rhythms. These are cycles that follow one another in stages – and in the same order – over a period of approximately twenty-four hours. These also affect the inherent sleep cycles. More simply, we can talk about biological clock.

The correlation between electronic devices and sleep disorders

The link between sleep disorders and electronic devices also emerged from a study conducted by the University of Connecticut, which was published by the Royal Society are Philosophical Transactions. Research shows how the artificial light is able to compromise circadian rhythms, altering the sleep cycle. Simply put, exposure toscreen lighting it allows our body to remain more active as if it were day, preventing the relaxation of dark moments.

Dreams can be compromised by poor quality sleep – ilgranata.it

Some researchers from the University of California – as reported by The mind is beautiful – have also highlighted how the blue light emitted by the screens of electronic devices is able to decrease the production of melatonin, a hormone useful for regulating the quality of sleep. If the levels of the latter, in fact, are low, sleep it’s more difficult. Furthermore, this causes a shorter duration of the resting phase.

Second David Dorenbaumpsychoanalyst and psychiatrist, sleep disturbances caused by incorrect use of smartphones and tablets in bed would also lead to greater difficulty in remembering dreams. Finally – as reported by The Guardian – a study conducted on a thousand Australian students – between thirteen and sixteen years of age – highlighted how this would also have effects on mental health, involving symptoms of depression.

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