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“Immediately defined, with the other members of Group Medicine, the methods to ensure continuity of care for the patients of the doctor concerned by the provision”

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26 August 2021 15:32

General practitioner suspended in Galbiate for not wanting to vaccinate against covid: Ats specifies that the assistance service continues to be operational thanks to the work of other doctors already assigned to replace the colleague. “With regard to the resolution of Ats Brianza, which took note of the provision of the Order of Doctors for the suspension of a general practitioner operating in the area of ​​Galbiate, it is necessary to specify that the Primary Care Department had proceeded immediately, to define with the other members of group medicine, in which the suspended doctor participates, the modalities to guarantee the continuity of assistance to the patients of the doctor concerned by the measure “- reads a press release released this afternoon, Thursday August 26, by the Health Protection Agency which also includes the province of Lecco.

“No” to the vaccine: two suspended doctors from Ats Brianza

There is therefore no interruption of the important medical assistance service in the area. “Specifically – the communication office of Ats Brianza also states – we remind you that patients, as usual and as required by law, can contact the secretariat of group medicine on 0341 240637, for any need (issue of pharmaceutical prescriptions repetitive, telephone consultation with a doctor, access to an outpatient or home visit) In this regard, Ats Brianza takes the opportunity to thank the group of doctors who are assisting the patients of the suspended doctor, guaranteeing the activity even in the hamlet of the municipality. It should be noted that Ats is working in close contact not only with the doctors but also with the Prefectural Commissioner “.

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Contact channels for information

In order to ensure the best service and dissemination of information, the usual contact channels are available to citizens (Urp Ats: [email protected]). “Continuity of care is ensured, in this and in other different situations of absence of the general practitioner, using all available tools: doctors of the group (a circumstance expressly provided for by the legislation for the doctor in the group), temporary assignee, replacement of the doctor. In this scenario the use of Continuity of care is not envisaged (Ats has not given indications in this regard), except when the service is active “.

There are more than 200 deeds of ascertaining the non-compliance with the obligation that Ats Brianza has sent to health personnel and related professional associations. In recent days, a nurse from the “Airoldi e Muzzi” Institute in Lecco had been suspended because she failed to comply with the obligation and was not exempt.


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