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In the sun but protected, the rule of 6 teaspoons – Nutrition

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In the sun but protected, the rule of 6 teaspoons – Nutrition


In the sun with great attention following the rule of 6 teaspoons. The sunscreen should be put every two hours and the right amount is that of 6 teaspoons at a time, much more than what is applied on average. In all, about 35 grams of product to be applied carefully in this way: one teaspoon per leg, then on the chest, back, head-neck and hands-feet. The protection lesson took place at the port of Ostia where the Idi Irccs dermatologist Sabatino Pallotta explained: “The sun should not be taken at all, but I myself recognize that this is not sustainable”.

Respecting the quantities of sunscreen to be applied is essential to avoid acute damage, i.e. sunburn with signs that show up after 20-30 years: wrinkles, skin aging and tumor-like lesions.

The attention and culture of skin health is growing but sunscreen has only become a habit in recent decades. The most exposed are those who belong to the generation of baby boomers, who grew up with the fashion of wild tanning.

Prevention should therefore start from childhood, added the president of the tenth municipality Mario Falconi, former president of the Order of doctors of Rome, starting from schools. The photoprotection photo also passes to the table snacks of fruit and vegetables rich in vitamin A. A substance such as nicotinamide is also useful, a supplement that if taken in summer reduces the risk of burns, explained Pallotta.

The IDI project includes a lesson in a rubber dinghy in each of its stages where the dermatologists of the IDI Irccs will show in the open sea how to sunbathe safely. After Ostia, other events and other locations throughout Italy will follow until arriving at the Genoa International Boat Show in September.

Luciano Ragni, executive vice president of Idi Farmaceutici, present in this opening of the campaign explained that Italy is the first pharma exporter in Europe, and this sector in Lazio alone is worth 47% of the regional economy.

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