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Increase in infections among health workers. De Palma “Clarify immediately on the third dose”

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Health Nursing Up, De Palma: «Infections of health workers are increasing dramatically. 1951 only in August, compared to 250 in July. The Ministry of Health will immediately clarify if there will be a third dose and when

Meanwhile, our representatives tell us the details of the two suspected cases of nurses who died in Sicily: is it true or is it not true that the second dose of Pfizer seems to have been fatal for both? These hidden deaths, which the local press also tells us about, do not end up in oblivion, since they represent yet another painful tribute that our profession is giving to Italy, to the sick, to citizens, in the strenuous fight against the virus.

ROME 3 SEPT 2021 – First the retired nurse, former employee of the Azienda dei Colli di Napoli, vaccinated at the beginning of the year, together with many colleagues on duty, who died from Covid a few days ago, after contracting the disease in Sardinia. The 60-year-old Gabriele Napolitano had received the canonical two doses, but in the end he didn’t make it. The vaccine did not make him immune to the virus.

A few days later, new worrying cases of deceased health workers emerge. According to the data of the Sole 24 ore, those that emerge from the findings of the health companies, the cases of covid between doctors and nurses are indeed on the increase, but there would be no post vaccine victims. We do not think so, but we are open to any evidence to the contrary, that this is reflected in reality.

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Two cases, reported by the local press, are of great concern. Both took place in Sicily.

Here, too, the causes of death, albeit months after the second dose, seem to be linked to the anti-covid product. Just as it seems that these are not new cases of infection, but the consequences of the vaccine, which someone begins to assert can be lethal after months. The first nurse, Antonio Mondo, 49, from Messina, died in Sicily, the land where he worked, following continuous illnesses following the second dose. After the second administration, his condition gradually worsened, leading to his death. Continuous pains led him to intensive care. The antibiotics did not work. It went away like that.

On August 6, another nurse snatched from life: two doses of Pfizer between January and February. Since then, only illnesses for Giacomo Venuto, 55 years old. Until the tragic end.

As the National Nurses Union, the President Antonio Da Palma has raised the alarm for months above all on the risk of new infections. And above all, we were the first trade union to highlight the delicate question of the need or not of the third dose for health professionals, on which the Ministry of Health has not yet expressed itself clearly. The facts speak for us: 87 deaths among nurses, 110 thousand infected (data updated to June 2021 by our Federation).

“Now we really need to worry, says De Palma. And no one is allowed to belittle the data. We don’t need it, already fragile healthcare doesn’t need to hide the truth. Citizens don’t need it. 1900 infections in August alone among doctors and nurses compared to 250 in July. What else to say? The time has come for the Minister of Health to speak out. Will the third dose arrive for vaccinated nurses between January and February? The risk, in the light of the variants, is there for all to see. Do we have to resign ourselves to being the ones who, as the most exposed, as always, will pay in first person? ».

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Our regional contacts tell us that in Lazio, there do not seem to be many nurses who would have received swabs after the second dose of the vaccine. Few screening activities, monitoring the antibody level: all this only increases our conviction that infections and deaths have taught us nothing ».

IL SOLE 24 ORE CONFIRMS THE ALARM – The data referring to 31 August speaks of 1,951 cases of Covid recorded in the last thirty days among health professionals. Of these, about 82-84% are nurses who since the beginning of the pandemic have been infected in about 115 thousand.

Is the decision on the third dose of vaccine really on the corner, we ask? Deputy Minister Sileri argues that, in all likelihood, it will be administered by autumn to frail people and the elderly hospitalized in the RSA. And of course to health workers, who have always, from the beginning, been the most exposed to the risk.

We hope that a clear stance, in this sense, will be taken really, concludes De Palma. This uncertainty, this indifference, this carelessness, continue to represent the bleak picture of a policy that does not understand, that does not value the enormous resources it has at its disposal. To the detriment of the health of the sick ».

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