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Is chocolate good or bad? Here’s how much to eat and which one to prefer

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Is chocolate good or bad?  Here’s how much to eat and which one to prefer

Fudge has many positive health effects. But don’t overdo it…

Roberto De Filippis

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like chocolate. Many hoard it without asking too many problems and those who limit themselves in consumption do so above all for health or fitness reasons, asking for a great sacrifice from their throats. But this food is it healthy or not? The answer is not as simple as it might seem. Here’s how to understand which is the healthiest variety, as well as the daily amount not to exceed to feel good.


The first fundamental distinction to pay attention to when dealing with the topic of chocolate is between dark and milk. “Without any doubt, the most favorable of the two is the dark chocolate, first of all due to the higher concentration of cocoa. The higher the percentage of cocoa, the more marked are the positive effects of this food on the body” the premise Dr. Jessica Falcone, nutritionist of the Irccs San Raffaele Hospital and of the Raf First Clinic in Milan. The main ingredients of which this food is composed are, in addition to cacao, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, oleic acid and sugars. L’oleic acid, also present in good quantities in extra virgin olive oil, is an unsaturated fatty acid that brings health benefits. In fact, it helps to keep the concentration of triglycerides in the blood under control on the one hand and blood pressure on the other. Dark chocolate is also rich in Vitamin E which, by contrasting the action of free radicals, has an antioxidant effect, thus slowing down cellular ageing. On the other hand, saturated fatty acids are present in milk chocolate, which on the contrary can increase the risk of metabolic diseases. This variety of chocolate is also higher in sugar. In dark chocolate, the higher the cocoa percentage, the lower the sugar percentage, used to mitigate the bitter taste of this food.

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Although to a lesser extent, in dark chocolate there are also two other substances that have positive effects on the cellular aging of the body. It’s about the polyphenols and gods flavonoids. In addition to reducing general inflammation in the body, the former help prevent blood sugar and triglyceride levels from reaching high peaks. “As far as the flavonoid family is concerned, flavonol deserves a mention. Indeed, this substance improves blood circulation. This also benefits the organs and muscles of the body, which receive more oxygen, and the pressure” underlines Dr. Falcone. Dark chocolate contains significant amounts of ferrowhich favors a better transport of oxygen in the blood, and of magnesium, which plays an important role in muscle efficiency. Also, the wealth of tryptophan (a precursor to the feel-good hormone serotonin) makes this food perfect for cheering yourself up, as well as boosting brain efficiency.


The consumption of dark chocolate is also recommended for sportsmen, because it promotes the improvement of physical and mental performance. However, it is important to include it in a balanced diet, bearing in mind that 100 grams of this food contains about 500 calories. “There daily dose recommended fondant is of 30 grams” specifies Dr. Falcone. Only some categories of people should avoid to eat this food, which worsens the situation if you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux, stomach acid and digestive difficulties. Chocolate should not be consumed even when you have a headache. Especially if pure, dark chocolate is lactose free; however, it is advisable to always check the presence of traces on the label, especially in the varieties with lower percentages of bitter cocoa.

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