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“I’ve been waiting in the car for 35 minutes. No one comes out”

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“I’ve been waiting in the car for 35 minutes.  No one comes out”

For just over a month Fabio Fazio said goodbye to Rai and his TV show What’s the weather like, the historic Sunday talk show that has entertained many Italians for twenty years. Despite Fazio being a public figure, he has always managed to keep the working sphere distinct from the personal one, so much so that he rarely spoke of his family and his children. But in the last few hours, the conductor on his profile Instagram he showed the typical attitude of a father waiting for his daughter in the car. But let’s see everything in detail.

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Fabio Fazio and his wife Gioia Selis they have two children: the eighteen-year-old Michael Fazio and younger sister Catherine Fazio, who is 14 years old. The latter, in the last few hours, celebrated the end of the school year party and the conductor, like all dads, went to pick up his daughter. «I’m standing still waiting for the end of the school year party to recover my daughter and I’m waiting 35 minutes – explained Fabio Fazio on Instagram -. This is very funny because there are other cars across the street with fathers and mothers waiting and we are all in the same situation».

Then, he concluded: «We cannot call because it is forbidden or we give the impression of being anxious but we have to wait smiling. Nothing, no one goes out, fine.’

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