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Killer foods for cats: one bite of this food and you’ll rush to the vet | Lifelong feelings of guilt

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Killer foods for cats: one bite of this food and you’ll rush to the vet |  Lifelong feelings of guilt

Learn about the foods to avoid. (Deposit Photos) – Improntaunika.it

Don’t give in, even when faced with purring: these foods are absolutely harmful for your cat, and should not be included in his diet.

Cats are animals with variable appetites, and each of them has very specific tastes. It often happens, however, that while we are preparing lunch or dinner for our feline friend come closer looking for a bite.

The temptation to please him is strong, but a harmless gesture of sharing it could put your health at risk. It is important to understand that there are foods that, if ingested by cats, can have harmful, sometimes even fatal, consequences.

Feline nutrition is radically different from ours. Cats require a high protein intake, and ignoring this fundamental aspect can lead to serious complications in their health.

In this article we will explore a number of common foods in our kitchens but dangerous for catsto learn to understand when we can please them and how to avoid long-term damage.

Foods not recommended: when in doubt, better to avoid

Let’s start with a list of foods that, although not toxic, should not appear in a cat’s diet: the fruit, for example, although it does not have fatal consequences, it is not included in feline nutrition. In moderation, some fruits may be an exception such as apples, pears, peaches, strawberries, bananas and blueberries, but it is best not to overdo it. We also have to keep our cats away from baby food and plantsespecially due to the fertilizers with which they are treated, and obviously Don’t leave medicines or alcohol lying around.

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Some surprises appear among the potentially toxic foods for cats. THE dairy productsconsidered safe and often associated with felines, are actually not good for adult cats, as they they become intolerant after weaning, losing the enzyme that allows them to digest sugars. The liver it can only be given to cats if cooked, and in minimal quantities, as it can cause them to develop osteoporosis. Another food to avoid is canned tunanot recommended due to the large number of preservatives; finally, to be absolutely avoided is the food for dogs: our animal friends have nutritional needs that cannot be equated, and dog food would cause them nutritional imbalances not to be underestimated.

Some foods are risky, but others are completely toxic: here’s which ones. (Deposit Photos) – Improntaunika.it

Absolute prohibitions: when there is absolutely no point in taking risks

Let’s now move on to foods that are absolutely harmful to cats, starting with raw eggs, which may contain deadly bacteria such as e.coli or harmful proteins such as avidin; no problem, however, for cooked eggs. Remaining in the field of raw foods, they should be avoided uncooked dough and leavened products and, surprisingly, even meat and fish: for the former, the risk of intoxication comes from the presence of yeast, while raw meat and fish could potentially be infected with bacteria that cause intestinal worms or the transmission of diseases such as Aujeszky’s disease, detected in pork, leading to the death of the cat in 48 hours. Also bones and bones they are dangerous, as they could cause obstruction of the airways; exceptions are made chicken bonesbut only under supervision.

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In the vegetable sector, the cat’s worst enemies are green tomatoes, raw potatoes, onion and garlic. Tomatoes and potatoes contain solanine, a substance also harmful to humans; onion and garlic, with their high concentration of hydrosulfides and sulfoxides (in onions) e non-digestive properties (in garlic), can damage the cat’s health permanently. We have already seen that fruit can be an exception, but it is necessary to remember that avocados, grapes, raisins and nuts should never be part of a cat’s diet: in all cases the risk of causing kidney failure in our cat is very high, with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Last, but not least, they are coffee, chocolate and sweets, absolutely toxic and to be avoided, with consequences ranging from tachycardia to death. Let’s learn not to give in, even in the face of purring: it’s for their own good.

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