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Greentech: Eve Energy Outdoor socket for energy management outdoors

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Greentech: Eve Energy Outdoor socket for energy management outdoors

The smart home specialist Eve Systems has announced the new Eve Energy Outdoor, a smart outdoor socket with consumption measurement. Eve Energy Outdoor replaces an existing surface-mounted outdoor socket and is based on matter-over-thread technology, making it particularly user-friendly, secure and easy to set up.

In households with Apple Home, Eve Energy Outdoor can be used in conjunction with the Eve app for iPhone and iPad to measure the power consumption of devices and the yield of a balcony power plant. The IP44-certified Eve Energy Outdoor is specially designed for outdoor use and will be available in May 2024 from Eve (www.evehome.com/store) and Amazon for 80 euros.

“In the midst of the energy transition, both saving and generating electricity are the order of the day for smart households,” says Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve. “An outdoor version of Eve Energy was what many Eve users wanted and we can’t wait to get this groundbreaking product into their hands.”

Greentech EVE: Always keep an eye on energy consumption with smart monitoring

With Eve Energy Outdoor, lamps or devices such as lawn sprinklers or pool pumps can be switched on and off with a tap of the finger, by voice command or directly using the built-in switch.

Using the Home Hub as the control center of the intelligent home, the smart outdoor socket can even be controlled while on the move or via automation: Eve Energy Outdoor switches on automatically at a preferred time when a sensor like Eve Motion detects movement or when someone arrives home.

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On the Apple Home platform via the Eve app for iPhone and iPad and on the Samsung SmartThings platform via SmartThings Energy, Eve Energy Outdoor helps increase energy efficiency by monitoring power consumption and save on energy costs.

The Eve app for iPhone and iPad goes even further and offers the option of keeping an eye on the energy production of a balcony solar system and calculating current and forecast savings.

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