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“KOF XV” new character trailer “KUKRI” released! -funglr Games

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The latest work in the SNK King of Fighters series released on February 17, 2022 (Thursday) “THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV” (hereinafter referred to as KOF XV)
39 characters in total‘S participation in the battle has been decided, and the remaining 11 unknown characters are preparing to play one by one in the countdown.
The protagonist of the previous KOF2003 “ASH Chapter” “ASH CRIMSON“When Miracle Resurrection participated in the war, KOF series fans were very happy.
Who is the “K'” who will appear in the trailer next time? Or will it be the legendary new female character? On September 16, 2021 (Thursday), you will get the answer in the new character trailer!
Seems to greatly affect the storylineThat mysterious characterComing soon!

Antihero is a miracle revival! “KOF XV” new character trailer “Ash Crimson” released!

“KUKRI” join the battle!

The character trailer released this time is a mysterious character who appeared as an “official invitation team” in the previous game KOF SIV.KUKRI」!
In KOF XIV, SHUN’EI is called “Amp Specter“,andAsh’s incidentEntangled in it, is also active in the undercurrent of the competition.WithImportant role associated with “KOF New Chapter”
exist“SNK Tag Team Frenzy (SNK ヒロインズ Tag Team Frenzy)” will appearThere are also characters who cover their faces with hoods and have never been captured in their true colors.
CV isHiroki Takahashi!In a tennis workSingle challenge doubles, Or in the works of DiabloLeak the secret in the next preview. I am curious what kind of role I will become in the world of the King of Fighters!
“KUKRI” is a tricky action andManipulating sandThe role to fight.
In the previous work, a clone of sand was made “Phantom dust“It is easy to make combos and is a very powerful role.
Based on the battles seen in the trailer, it can be estimated that this game focuses more on combos than a strong one-strike.

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The story development is also eye-catching!

What kind of character “KUKRI” with many mysteries will appear in the story is very exciting.
Especially the “ASH CRIMSON” that was announced last time to participate in the war will also be involved. Will it be a team with ASH? People are very concerned!
September 30, 2021 (Thursday) ~ October 3, 2021 (Sun) to hold the “TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 ONLINE“There will also beSpecial program of KOF XVWhat amazing information might be revealed during the live broadcast…?
The official show is atSeptember 30, 2021 (4) Japan time 13:00Start, don’t miss it!
For details and product information about KOF XV, please go to the official website (Japanese) to check!


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