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Champions League-Salah scores goal Henderson volleys Liverpool 3-2 to reverse Milan-Shangbao Indonesia

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September 16, 2021 19:26 PM


[NetEase Sports News, 16th]The first round of the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League group stage group B kicked off. Liverpool played at Anfield Stadium against AC Milan, who returned to the UEFA Champions League after many years. In the first half, Arnold’s shot led Tomori to an own goal and Liverpool led 1-0. Then Ben Nasell sent a handball in the penalty area, and Salah was beaten on a penalty kick. Liverpool failed to expand the score. Before halftime, Milan quickly counterattacked twice, Rebic and Diaz scored one after another, leading Liverpool 2-1 at halftime. Soon after the beginning of the second half, Origi picked up a pass and assisted Salah to push the shot. Liverpool tied the score 2-2. In the 69th minute, Henderson scored a volley from the top of the arc and Liverpool exceeded the score again 3-2. In the end, Liverpool beat AC Milan 3-2 at home.

Liverpool and AC Milan, as the two traditional giants in Europe, have a glorious history in the Champions League. The last two official matches between the two teams were the two Champions League finals in 2005 and 2007. The two teams each won once to win the championship. The Rossoneri are back in the Champions League after a lapse of 2745 days in this game. Their last Champions League is already a distant 2013-14 season.

Both teams are in excellent form after the start of the new season. Liverpool have 3 wins and 1 draw to remain undefeated, and Milan have won 3 games in a row. Liverpool’s starting here and last weekend’s league have multiple position adjustments. Gomez partnered with Mattip as the central defender, Van Dyke was on the bench, and the left and right sides were still a combination of Robertson and Arnold. Midfielder Elliott was injured and missed, captain Henderson and Fabinho and Keita took the lead. The striker Origi replaced Mane to get the starter and teamed up with Salah and Jota. On the Milan side, Kjaer and Tomori are in the middle, with Teo and Calabria on both sides. In the back midfielder, Ben Nasser and Casey are in charge, while Salmacols, Dias and Leo are behind the single forward Rebic. Ibrahimovic is sidelined due to injury. Appearance list:

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Liverpool (433): 1- Alisson/66-Arnold, 12-Gomez, 32-Matipu, 26-Robertson/14-Henderson (84’7-Milner), 3-Fabinho , 8-Keita (71’6-Tiago)/20-Jota (71’17-Jones), 27-Origi (63’10-Mane), 11-Salah (84’15- Chamberlain).

AC Milan (4231): 16-Mignan/2-Calabria, 24-Kyar, 23-Tomori, 19-Teo/4-Ben Nasser (71’8-Tonnali ), 79-Casey/56-Salle Marcos (62’25-Florenzi), 10-Dias, 17-Leo (62’9-Giroud)/12-Rebic (83’27-Daniel Maldini) Volley cut Liverpool 3-2 to reverse Milan.


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