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Latonya from ‘Vite al Limite’ didn’t make it

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Latonya from ‘Vite al Limite’ didn’t make it

Obesity, the environment, and the testimony of Latonya, former protagonist of ‘Vite al Limite’: how lifestyle can come to have repercussions on the entire ecosystem

Obesity and the environment (Adobe Stock) – ecoo.it

This was revealed by a recent article that appeared in the scientific journal Scientific Reports: those who are in a condition of overweight or obesity “burden” onenvironment much more than subjects of normal weight do. All of this, of course, is linked to the amount of extra calories consumed by these people, and to the foods that are necessary to satisfy their needs.

According to the magazine’s data, it is calculated that an obese person comes to determine the 24% more CO2 emissions compared to a person of normal weight. Emissions that Scientific Reports estimated on the basis of the tons of food consumed each year by the obese population, which necessarily correspond to the same number of tons of CO2 produced. The numbers, therefore, testify that keeping away from obesity is above all a question of health and environmental protection.

Obesity and the environment: the poignant story of Latonya, protagonist of ‘Vite al Limite’

Consuming many more foods than what our body requires violently impact the environment surrounding. Beyond waste precious resources for the production of all those foods that serve to satisfy the caloric consumption of overweight people, this activity would not fail to produce a large quantity of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Yet, the percentage of the population that is overweight is steadily growing.

Latonya Pottain (Web) – ecoo.it

This is demonstrated by the testimony of ‘Lives to the Limit‘ – famous broadcast on Real Time -, whose participants, who are followed by Dr. Nowzaradan in their treatment path, are not always able to achieve the goals set at the beginning of therapy.

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The story of Latonya Pottain, former protagonist of the program, is a dramatic demonstration of this. The latter, who took part in the 11th edition of the format, showed up in the doctor’s office with a maximum weight of 287 kg. Despite Nowzaradan’s commitment and constant help, the patient’s treatment path did not go as hoped.

Latonya and the failure of her treatment journey: what happened to the 37-year-old

Latonya Pottain of ‘Vite al Limite’ (Web) – ecoo.it

Unlike Bianca Hayes, who thanks to her participation in ‘Vite al Limite’ has managed to revolutionize your lifestyleper Latonya Pottain no operation was possible of weight reduction. The 37-year-old recently confided that she had not been able to lose weight following the disappearance of her brother, which would have plunged her into a whirlwind of despair and morbid attachment to food.

The goal that Latonya has set for 2023, however, is precisely to respect one strict diet that allows her to lose weight and undergo the operation she has been waiting for all her life. A change that, without a doubt, would have a decidedly positive impact not only on her health, but also on the environment.


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