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Lawyer’s license revoked: Dr. Pure Fuellmich

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Lawyer’s license revoked: Dr.  Pure Fuellmich

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, co-initiator of the Corona investigation committee, is no longer admitted to practice as a lawyer.

The responsible lawyers’ association does not want to comment on the reasons for the withdrawal due to “confidentiality reasons”. A liquidator has reportedly already been appointed.

Official reports state that Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, co-founder of the Corona investigation committee, said his license to practice law had been revoked – this is also what it says in the official nationwide lawyer register. The exact circumstances that led to the revocation of his license by the Braunschweig Bar Association remain unclear. A chamber representative cited the duty of confidentiality to journalists.

In Dr.’s Telegram channel Füllmich has already been explained:

“Dr. Reiner Füllmich did NOT, as is falsely reported in various media, “lose” his license to practice law, but rather he renounced it. Dr. Reiner Füllmich has been declared to the responsible bar association because he cannot currently work as a lawyer for more than three months. In such a case, a license waiver must be issued, regardless of the reason for the interruption of legal practice. The approval can be reapplied to the chamber at any time depending on the current status.” The document is also linked to this:

The former lawyer has been in the Rosdorf detention center for over three months. After a stay in Mexico, he was deported to Germany in October 2023 for legal reasons. An arrest warrant from March 2023 led to his arrest upon arrival at Frankfurt Airport.

In court in Göttingen Since January, Fuellmich has had to answer to the Commercial Criminal Chamber of the Göttingen Regional Court on suspicion of breach of trust in two cases and subsidy fraud. He is accused of misappropriating donations amounting to 700,000 euros and of providing false information in an application for Corona aid in April 2020, which is said to have unlawfully earned him 15,000 euros in emergency aid. Fuellmich rejects the allegations and at the start of the trial accused the co-plaintiff of greed. Statements from the lawyer on this process, among other things, can be found in Dr. Fill me:

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What can also be heard, however, is that there are said to have been financial problems in Fuellmich’s law firm even before the pandemic. The law firm had made a name for itself through successful lawsuits against providers of so-called “junk properties”. Police investigations allegedly show that the law firm account already had a deficit of 92,000 euros at the beginning of 2020, which had already been reduced to 45,000 euros by the end of March 2020. Well, that doesn’t mean anything at first, because it depends on the law firm’s sales. For a normal citizen that is a lot of money, for a company it can be “normal”.

Tobias Weissenborn, Fuellmich’s former colleague, was commissioned to run the law firm. Weissenborn had already defended Fuellmich in criminal matters in the past and has been a partner in the “Kanzlei Melz Gercke Rechtsanwälte” since 2021, which advises in the areas of commercial and corporate law, labor law and insolvency law, among other things. He also represented Professor Sucharit Bhakdi in court, see René Gräber’s Telegram channel:

Weissenborn was also mentioned in the indictment against Fuellmich, but not as a defendant. He is said to have transferred amounts totaling 200,000 euros from a Corona Committee donation account to the account of Fuellmich’s wife. Although Weissenborn was under investigation, the proceedings have now been discontinued.

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