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Leonardo da Vinci, moldy gym, the teachers: “How to enter the cellar”

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Leonardo da Vinci, moldy gym, the teachers: “How to enter the cellar”

Students and Teachers Raise Concerns Over Moldy Gym

The physical education hours at the “Leonardo da Vinci” institute in Via Negri have recently become a cause for concern for both students and teachers. The gym, which is often referred to as a “cellar” due to its musty smell and humidity, has been found to have mold stains on the walls.

Physical education teachers from the nearby Colombini high school have reported the unsanitary conditions of the gym to the Province, which is responsible for managing the high schools in the area. According to the teachers, a technician from the Province has already inspected the gym and identified a broken or clogged gutter as the source of the issue. However, they have been informed that any necessary repairs will not be completed until the summer, leaving students and teachers to endure the unhygienic environment for the remainder of the school year.

The deteriorating conditions of the gym at Colombini have become a pressing issue, as the main facility is currently undergoing renovations, forcing students to use alternative and less convenient premises for their physical education classes. In addition to the mold problem, the gym was also recently subjected to a disinfestation to address a cockroach infestation.

As concerns continue to grow over the safety and hygiene of the gym facilities, students and teachers are calling for immediate action to address the issues and ensure a healthy environment for all.

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