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Less form and more substance: this is how Apple goes on the hunt for excellence. And customers

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There was a time when the word “beauty” dominated Apple presentations. Indeed: the perfect match between beauty, functionality, technology and innovation was the heart of every new device that arrived from Cupertino.

Today, from the heart of the California, exalted in every way during the last presentation, Apple’s new motto could be “The substance matters more than the form”. We could say that the season of the search for beauty is over, or at least that it has found a certain stability in forms that tend not to change that much, while what changes, always, constantly and rapidly, is the content. The battle over shapes, ever thinner or lighter, the battle over rounded or squared edges, the battle over dimensions, which Apple and all the competition have fought over time, it seems to have ended, or at least it has been put on standby by Apple.


That’s why you need to update your iPhone, iPad and Mac right away

by Bruno Ruffilli

The shape of iPhones, like that of iPads, has been basically the same for some time and no matter how much other manufacturers have done in recent years, producing curved smartphones or that with their foldability they become very large or very small, which open in surprising ways or which almost disappear: Apple has remained faithful to its design, which has stabilized and does not change. No novelty in the form, therefore, nothing foldable, no experiments: Tim Cook and his people know, or think they know, that the users of their products are satisfied as well and that in these forms, the minimal ones of the iPhone Mini and those gradually larger, up to the 12 “iPad Pro, they recognize each other, they find each other, they ask for nothing else. And they are probably right, the users who have been choosing iPhone for years and those, many who have chosen it recently, have not succumbed to the flattery of the sirens of the competition, they have not changed their mind by choosing products with different shapes and designs.

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Indeed, the numbers that Apple has made in recent years are such as to confirm that perhaps there is no need to try, for now, to give a different shape to the devices that Apple produces, improving and changing only the Apple Watch, to find that balance that iPhone and iPad have already found for some time between form and substance.

So “substance”, and of this it is done the new iPad, Apple’s most popular tablet, which is proposed, in the normal and in the Mini version, as the most suitable device for the times, a giant iPhone that loses the definition of “phone” precisely because the only thing it does not do, compared to the smartphone, is to call, and what it does more is decidedly more oriented to productivity, work, study, with a lot of Apple Pencil that on what we once called a mobile phone is not there. Everything is more powerful, more versatile, even in the new iPhone 13, which they are certainly not aimed at those who still have an iPhone 12 in their pocket (in any of its versions), a device that is still above the average of smartphones on the market, but rather to those who have an iPhone with a few years on their shoulders or to those who have never succumbed to the flattery of Apple.

And for win new customers, or to update the machines to the old, Apple focuses on substance, on more powerful batteries, on photos and videos that now (as in the case of the 13 Pro Max) can convince even an Oscar-winning director, on monstrous 1 Tb memories, on new displays, on new chips, on everything the “Ferrari of smartphones” it must have to be truly such. Stop.

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Enough? It is not enough, because Apple has also changed its nature, has become an entertainment company, produces films and TV series, obviously integrating its devices with its contents. And it not only produces entertainment, but also, with Fitness+, something that does not yet have a name, perhaps “fitnesstainment” if you allow us the neologism, which obviously integrates with other of its devices.

iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch: all the news from Apple for 2021

by Bruno Ruffilli

In short, Apple is anything but firm, it runs the race in its own way, as it always has done, taking into account the opponents, looking carefully at the market, but also trying to to keep a commandment of Steve Jobs that they have never forgotten, that of the constant search for excellence. A research that can obviously foresee errors, missteps and slowdowns, but that never stops, as the new Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone demonstrate.


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