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Lose weight diet health » 10 diet mistakes and many diet secrets

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With the promise of enabling the correction of behavioral errors and revealing the actual diet secret to readers, the article opens with high standards in order to keep what it promises!

Diet mistakes – why troubleshoot?

Mistakes are made. At school it was usually a utopian idea to write a zero-error dictation, and the red pen did not go unused in the other tests either. (Threatened) corrections are common, people have gotten used to them and adapted. Reading a list of diet mistakes can be like testing yourself: “Test passed, yes or no?”

However, correct spelling does not guarantee that the text has been understood. Is the following fragment about the climate catastrophe or an (unsolvable) relationship conflict?

“But outside the storm raged and roared so that he could hardly stand on his feet. The houses and the trees were blown down, and the mountains shook, and the boulders rolled into the sea, and the sky was pitch black, and there was thunder and lightning, and the sea rolled in high black waves as high as church steeples and mountains, and they all had a white crown of foam upon them.”

In fact, these were a few lines from the fairy tale “The Fisherman and his Wife”, and the point “greed” plays a central role.

Don’t try to fulfill all of your “Ilsebil’s” wishes!

Offer a clarifying conversation about the limits of growth, limited fishing capacity and the art of making do with what you have!

More theoretically, “narcissism” – the need for recognition and the “nirvana principle”, the tendency to create a tension-free state, can also be considered in connection with greed, but only if you are familiar with them.

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Labeled “Vegan-Bunt”, vegetables with herb mushrooms, “vegan bratwurst” and fermented beetroot coconut milk sauce are gathered here. This is not a diet mistake, but rather a diet secret: lots of vegetables, rather fewer carbohydrates (fried potatoes).

Strictly speaking, something like this was once a secret and is now a known “ex-secret”. A lot of things are out in the open and go unnoticed – this section comes from, for example: B. the recipe “Pulses with devil’s dirt”. You may also be familiar with this saying:

“The secret to moving forward is taking the first step.”
(Mark Twain)

We can and want to use “the secret”, which is related in terms of origin to “home”, “at home” and was inserted into the German vocabulary by Martin Luther when he said “Mystery” no longer wanted to call it “mystery” in Latin, but wanted to give it a German name somehow, didn’t reveal it right at the beginning – Mark Twain certainly left a few secrets left, and after the mysterious first step, no wonder, there are still more.

There are always mysteries, or miracles; we just have to see them. According to Extra 3, Hubert Aiwanger’s brain only has 3 areas:

– Wheat beer
– Weisswurst
– I do not know

The Flugplattle affair shows:

The absurd popular feeling

As we can see, the stressed wants Wahlvolk even more “business as usual”, the more the historical sins of the leadership are stirred up by the journalists and parody people – he doesn’t like this soup.

Since this is really nothing new, I would like to invite you to a short meditation on “dewy freshness”.

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It can take a while for language to reflect reality. I vouch for the reality/truth of the diet mistakes and secrets presented here and the associated successes.

There will be “more” on this topic here soon!

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