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Lose Weight-Diet-Health » Take Off and Christmas Market, New Hummus Market and Woodstock

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Lose Weight-Diet-Health » Take Off and Christmas Market, New Hummus Market and Woodstock

Sometimes you just want to see “something else”, or at least look at things from a greater distance – the song “From a Distance” describes this quite aptly: But feeling concrete and harmony here is “just” a pious wish.

Because it is possible in principle, we have a secret desire to take off, even if it is for purely “scientific reasons”.

More “spacey” like a video: “Space travel – simply to enjoy“ is available from the DLR (German Aerospace Center) in a form suitable for young people – of course including information about the provision of energy and the greenhouse effect. However, the “vision” of algae-based bio-energy and raw material production is missing here, despite a high level of expertise. As compensation, DLR viewers are recommended a banana milk made from bananas, fatty quark and milk – the “soul food” for future planning?

But let’s come back to Da-Home, live the tradition and see how it is preserved:

Hundreds of cell phone photos have been taken where previously memory had to be sufficient.

Also note the turret with the chimes!

Also priceless: the depiction of the “red hats”!

“Blooming in the snow” as an expression of the irregular climate conditions, on the edge of the event.

The focus of interest among Christmas market visitors was, “as always,” mulled wine and grilled food. What I found particularly striking was the hot mega meat sausage on offer (and also in demand).
Stand operators who sold frozen bratwurst couldn’t keep up with the huge demand, couldn’t or didn’t want to give the sausage the necessary grilling time, so they sold hot sausage with a cold core. Anyone who wanted to complain had to wait in line for the second time.

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The vegan offerings were clearly underrepresented. There is an almost endless variety here, even if it’s just hummus:

The composition of sesame, sunflower seeds, hemp nuts, lentils, herbal vinegar, olive oil, cumin, chili, garlic, curcuma, salt and pepper only requires, apart from the ingredients, a multicooker and a food processor, a little courage and a little routine. Then a hot, thin piece of bread and soon the “Christmas market wrap” is ready.
“Meat alternative” nutrition, like any product, must be anchored in the market; This not only requires effort for development, but also for product launch and marketing – considerable effort, however. The recipe that is created during the development phase is almost always intended as a suggestion or explanatory example.

Quote: “This motto be praised to us:

Words are dwarfs, examples are giants.”

It is therefore less important what you say or write than it is about setting a good example. The recognized good quote from Otto Sutermeister can explain some of the political events – for example, if the traffic light coalition wants to reduce meat consumption in our country after all, if so alternative Proteinquellen how seaweed or tempeh must be presented “across the board” as a delicious part of the (everyday) diet;

According to the template, “information and communication measures should also be promoted that help to open up and expand the market for products made from innovative proteins for human nutrition.”

“Just say something like that in a blog post, basically in private and illustrate it with photos” – you can do that, but you don’t have to call it an unpleasant “communication measure”: using language more skillfully also contributes to acceptance.
Recipe and serving suggestions here are, in the spirit of the Sutermann quote, examples, novelties or chronological first Examples, “prototypes” to a certain extent, although not always.

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Save energy!

The NZZ has published an article that reinterprets the old song “Every year again” into “… it’s a climate conference.” The dark sides of the mega-meeting are carefully and meticulously presented by those concerned with the climate, who can feel like vacationers. I just wanted to say this:

It is obviously a contradiction in terms: tens of thousands of participants came to Dubai to protect the climate. However, they produce huge amounts of CO2 emissions. Does that really have to be the case? Wouldn’t the planet have been better served if most people had stayed home?

Sustainability also includes achieving what is necessary with little effort. Grace, so to speak, with little use of resources: The hummus shown above is not produced in small quantities, it lasts for a while, but should be used up soon, but it just so happens that it is suitable as the basis for a delicious, filling soup:

The lentil hummus soup harmonizes perfectly with an over-decorative, integrated raw vegetable side dish (planed carrot, spring onion, cress from the windowsill and three to four teaspoons of fine olive oil).

Find Woodstock

A nice picture puzzle at the end and to relax: Look for a yellow chick, and when you have found “Woodstock”, you can pass on the graphic:

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