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Losing weight, diet and health » Climate money, BIG splurges, dark times and thank you noodles

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Losing weight, diet and health » Climate money, BIG splurges, dark times and thank you noodles

“Climate money is needed for social climate protection” – For example, at NABU we find this formula, but at the “traffic light” there is currently only one CO2Preis, which exacerbates the existential needs of the poor. When it comes to balance and fairness, politicians “strike” and act against the common good, because “saving for the dispossessed” is easy, they are used to it. Also the claim, because in Germany only a good 10% of the Private budgets spent on food, “we” would actually be doing too well, ignoring the difference between average and very scarce. but we have a “debt brake” and unhappy economists.

The drafters of the state budget plan are also cutting out subsidies for “agricultural diesel”; In the future it will no longer be so cheap to “take a tractor to Berlin” to demonstrate that you are against it. My advice would be: “Then drive with bio-diesel or with biogas!” – but then you are told that it’s not possible or something like that or it’s too complicated.

Spirulina tagliatelle is uncomplicated, the right tomato sauce is easy. Just follow your personal taste when seasoning!

Was there not even the idea of ​​using the Co2 fees/levies to promote “sustainable lifestyles”? And how do we actually get our ideas about what sustainability means?
In an (older) survey, only (around) a third of those surveyed had a well-developed idea of ​​what they wanted to understand by “sustainability” – statements like “the new eco-friendly people, they’re not like that, they want fun and money” also help They have plenty to spend” very little.
Whether you define yourself as a sustainably living person because of the premium e-cargo bike or because you use an energy-saving multi-cooker is associated with different gains in prestige – and with a vehicle weight of more than one tonne, the goal of “sustainability” clearly falls short.

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The Germans are stubborn and pretty much the last ones who still promote “free lawn” make lazy compromises, carry on like this, at best: until recently they were on the course of creeping suicide.

Half an hour of philosophy at its best with Gert Scobel

The problem with the wisdom that Brecht desired for himself and saw in others is probably partly that, with exceptions, we are more stupid than wise, while a majority everyday acts as if they have wisdom with a spoon eaten. We as consumers-citizens are confronted with lazy compromises and the technical defense of our lack of knowledge on a daily basis in the ideal commodity economy:

The twist lock with safety lock is generally as unnecessary as the tail fins on the Poser street cruiser, i.e. only intended for negative reasons and otherwise pointless.

It would make sense to reintroduce the milk jug in the sense of avoiding waste, because upcycling the milk carton, for example the production of “… decorative things for the household …” reaches its limits more quickly than waste disposal, which, despite the oversized bureaucratic apparatus, does not exist in its actually existing form Change “takes hold” and secondary raw materials are treated more as waste than as raw materials.

To go with the milk carton, the recipe “Rice pudding with cherries, sugar and cinnamon ;-).

“We’re actually doing well, but we want more, more, more…”

Actually, the Internet means the death of recipe books – who doesn’t get inspired by “online recipes”. If the search engine reports 340,000 entries for “Lukewarm Lentil Salad”, a number of “food posers” have probably gotten active – taking photos or, increasingly, filming what was created and how it was created is obviously a matter of honor.

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One of the posts had an introductory page with thumbnails in the format of a matchbox before the actual recipe page. The photo was shown above the recipe in a moderate, normal size – but that was a reduction that occurs on the reader’s computer – in fact 20 MB of data were transferred, where 100 KB is definitely enough.
The “improvement” misses the maxim of “less is more” and is subliminal ostentation; The lexicon knows this as “big guy, know-it-all, show-off, wannabe, self-promoter, show-off, big-time, showman, show-off, bigwig, loudmouth, big-mouthed, big-mouthed, big-mouthed, boastful, braggart, braggart, renowned, busybody, word hero, braggart.”

An alternative to taxing a gift is the “exemption needs test”. In the case of relevant amounts, this is simply submitted informally, distributed by a dashing white financial luminary whose place of work is in the Ministry of Finance and who offers her hand-knitted “tax avoidance kit” for sale at a meeting of the business elite.

Whether we need public servants who are more oriented towards the needs of the rich or loyal, task-oriented could be discussed publicly, for example in the context of a television show “Tell the Truth”, for example using the question: “Who is the real tax investigator coach?” Coach?”

An economy that works for the benefit of everyone and protects our livelihoods needs committed tax investigators with assertiveness – and primarily a state that has their backs.

Since it’s not just a rumor (the rumor contains the root word “smell” hardly by chance) that every bean makes a sound, it makes sense to also look into smells in the kitchen.

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Mushroom lentil tempeh soup

Carbonic acid – good, tasty and healthy

The “charcoal smell” of prepared Brussels sprouts comes from the healthy sulfur compounds, and cabbage also contains plenty of folic acid, the expert said, but she didn’t say that very clearly, so that a listener who had probably misheard the headline mentioned…

It was said that Brussels sprouts would be edible if you prepared them in the oven or pan – depending on your taste, you could also marinate them, with a trace of sugar helping to caramelize and prevent bitterness.

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