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Losing weight-diet-health » Commitment to democracy and unity, stromboli and shitake, community, health and happiness

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Losing weight-diet-health » Commitment to democracy and unity, stromboli and shitake, community, health and happiness

Something is happening on Germany’s streets and squares – there are demonstrations against the “right” and perhaps also for social progress.

In an editorial for ZEIT, Georg Diez asked the question of “… long overdue debate “about how economic policy, inequality and the shift to the right are connected…”.

Right-wing extremism: If you want to fight the AfD, you have to do social policy

The success of right-wing extremists is also due to the failed economic policies of the established parties.
It is all the more fatal that this hardly plays a role in the debate at the moment.

“How can you fight the AfD? And is it even about “fighting” the AfD?
In the past few days, around a million people have done this in over 100 German cities. They protested against the AfD by taking to the streets and squares to show that they reject the politics and worldview of this right-wing extremist party, at least in part.

But what does it mean to defend democracy? Does it mean putting so much pressure on the democratic parties in the pre-political space that they – yes, what? That they are pushing for a ban on the AfD? That they change the constitution of Thuringia with a two-thirds majority so that the AfD might not have free rein here after the state elections? So that the democratic parties stand together?”

“Out of sight, out of mind”. The Connection between economic policy, inequality and the shift to the right is soon forgotten if the discussion gets bogged down.

The undogmatic cheesecake alternative

Die Alternative on the cake plate comes out of the jar after it had been baked and preserved a few weeks ago and had survived the fall from it well.

Incidentally, when developing this “cheese cake”, the question of possible improvements compared to the conventional one was the inspiration; A sugar-saving, potentially gluten-free and 100% lactose-free product with potentially future-oriented properties has been created

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Anyone who asks about yesterday’s recipes and yesterday’s conditions can be interested in the origins and history of the Weimar Republic in German history; here is an excerpt:


“In addition to the centrist movement of millions, which Bismarck still viewed as hostile to his system, there was now added the army of millions of Social Democrats.
If one also included the opposition groups of Poles, Whites, Alsatians and Danes, then in the midst of peace and with the Reich’s excellent foreign policy and economic situation, forty percent of the population had declared themselves against Bismarck’s empire. What should happen in the event of a serious crisis? This…began a battle to the death.”

Fermentation and expansion occur not only politically, but also apolitically, as in the dough bowl, for example. B. a pizza is created – here is the “Stromboli” variant:

The “Stromboli photo” – © 2024 Nicolas Baumgardt – like many others, is available for enlarged viewing.

What Gregor Gysi said in jest at Maischberger on January 31, 2024 –

“The federal government is right in one thing. We really don’t have enough skilled workers. But that starts with the federal government.”

describes the supposed and real problems in our country, from over-immigration and over-foreignment to weak leadership among those in government and in the opposition. Serious humanitarian, ultimately global, deficits are increasing, while the climate crisis is more than an illusion and will not “resolve” itself.

We are engaging in significant overconsumption, overexploiting nature, overfishing the waters and deceiving our luxury consumers and decadents into believing that there is an absolute absence of any deficiency with flown-in roses and blueberries.

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What you can’t say is that the rednecks aren’t on the streets and that there are millions of rednecks sitting at the burger grill. They’re not rednecks, they’re not petty bourgeois – what then?
But somehow this paradox points to a more frequent “voting with your feet” alongside the parliamentary establishment, and an increasing mobility of the “generation without a future” is to be expected now that its members no longer want to stick to the streets.

Meanwhile, a minister, better: the minister for food and agriculture (and forestry?), can remember, staged this, carved in Styrofoam in a historical setting, we get it in writing, but what the “we” in the one-way presentation with an individual remains unclear, as does the “why, why, why”, and this also applies to our small multicultural insert:

We remember: we remember, we remember, we remember, we remember, we remember, we remember

“German is dying out”, the “mother tongue” is being avoided or the language of the fatherland is being replaced – this is how one could anticipate and state an invisible culture war that is being waged with subtle “propaganda” in every corner and unexpected ends.

“Scrambled egg substitute contains edible wallpaper paste,” said my test eater and found the powder in the bag “not bad at all” after preparation. But he liked the five other ingredients on the plate even better and wanted to provoke me into doing whatever by asking whether we could go back to “natural scrambled eggs”, but he didn’t succeed. By the way, it’s not just the test eater who finds “scrambled eggs from a tetra pack” “genius”.

In my opinion, shitake mushrooms should be served more often, in our small town you rarely see them, and those who grow them don’t need 500 horsepower tractors for their valuable product.
Apart from that, this is steamed shitake on steamed baby spinach, with “Festonati n° 22” noodles and parsley pureed in olive oil and a garnish of garlic.

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One must (finally) take into account, said protest researcher Daniel Mullis, what concerns the participants in the mass demonstrations

“… and ask…: What kind of society do they actually want, what do they dream about? … If you only always listen to those who vote on the right, then in the end that will be the standard by which politics is oriented.”

That’s a bit too much subjunctive for me. The need for a reliable society has long been known – what else is there to question? We have also had citizens’ assemblies whose findings are stored in drawers.

A slightly naive “workers’ song” from the SPD party newspaper “Vorwärts” was also “sunk”:

“All ideological movements were able to pour their convictions, hopes for the future or their ideological brew into the empty vessel of the ‘New Time’.”

Probably “the bigwigs” were no longer able to live in common, to organize any community experiences that promote cohesion; it was probably about careers and narcissism before organization and concern for their “relatives”.

Most people probably want health, peace and social security, and not everyone takes to the streets for it. If many people demonstrate for it – good. Those who don’t necessarily want to or can’t stand up for progress on the streets now just need the appropriate framework to get involved.

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