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Losing Weight Diet Health » Red Sauerkraut – Colorful Things

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The fact that sauerkraut made from red cabbage is practically impossible to find in grocery stores shows how much tradition determines our lives – “if it doesn’t exist traditionally, we can leave it at that!”
This neglectful treatment of a fermented herb continues with the bad habit of pasteurizing or canning sauerkraut so that no stomach and intestinal-nourishing myoic acid bacteria are found in it.

When the dietician soon advises a patient who wants to lose weight to “simply have a meal with salad,” she might mean something like a sour red cabbage salad with apple and lots of parsley – it actually fills you up, given the right dosage…
Anyone can make red sauerkraut salad or salad from sour red cabbage themselves if they follow the instructions in the article.

Pickling your own sauerkraut was never a fashion, so it hasn’t gone out of fashion, but it has fallen into oblivion. Our hard-working fellow citizens have “no time” because they are immersed up to their ears in their work and have no “free time” in their limited free time. There is a certain interest in the sour herb every now and then – but it shouldn’t be too much and shouldn’t cost much. For some products, money hardly seems to matter:

Blueberries from Chile, enjoyed in the muddy German winter without considering the climate damage caused by “that little bit of flying fruit”, are actually a decadent luxury like red roses from Africa. You may be able to get blueberries relatively cheaply if the whole package has to be “gone” because perhaps a few of them are damaged.
Then you can also afford a blueberry yoghurt, which can be sweetened with dates or a ripe banana, as here. Blueberries from German forests would be less harmful to the environment – the problems that arise here are among the thousands of detailed questions that actually require fair regulation but do not appear in any forest damage reports.

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The situation is similar with the clearings that come from the traffic planning of another era;

The film “The Autobahn – Battle for the A 49 D 2022” by Frank Marten Pfeiffer and Klaus Stern is available in the media library of the Federal Agency for Civic Education (BpB). If the film seems unbearable, it’s because of the things shown here.

With the possibility of looking at the deforestation in a “panorama format”, we could switch to the question of whether it would not be better to shift private transport to the rails – the BpB has a podcast about a route in the south that, thanks to one support group perhaps soon it can even be operated hourly. The lesson we can draw from this is something like: “Without citizen engagement, nothing works except that everything only gets worse. “

The “podcast” media format used here is still relatively young, technically easy to use and, along with other formats, a competitor to the “established media”, especially the public media. The ability to provide on-demand or on-demand “broadcast content” has already changed the media landscape to which we are accustomed; I adapt to this with the page “Hearing and seeing – audiovisual Fressnet content„.

Mixed salad on mixed leaf lettuce – the list of ingredients may vary because it is a “use of leftovers”.

The strong tomato soup hopefully does not owe its powerful taste to the addition of flavor enhancers – foods such as tomatoes, mushrooms and meat naturally contain a significant dose of glutamate.

After all, we don’t know what might be added to the globally traded “raw material tomato paste” in distant China before it is bottled as Italian pureed tomatoes, nor should we necessarily find out.

The concrete, stark soup contained pureed tomatoes from the tetra pack, which were added to sautéed red peppers, garlic and mushrooms – alongside a portion of defatted meat/bone broth and maybe two tablespoons of Sriracha sauce.

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Seaweed ravioli, tomatoes and also the mushrooms undeniably have their curves and are obviously doing their best to round off this article – a good opportunity to call it a day here and end with a cheerful “see you in the next article”…

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