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Lyme disease, are there contraindications for vaccines?

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Lyme disease, are there contraindications for vaccines?

I am being treated for suspected Lyme with an antibiotic. Can I get vaccinated against dengue?

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Dear reader, you can safely undergo the dengue vaccine. The action of antibiotics does not make the vaccine less effective nor does it have any impact on its effectiveness. And, vice versa, the vaccine does not compromise the action of antibiotic therapy in any way. Since there are no interactions between the two treatments, you can undergo the vaccine and continue the therapy without problems or risks.

Dengue, what it is: how it is transmitted, symptoms, vaccines 13 February 2024

* Massimo Andreoni is Full Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, as well as a specialist in Internal Medicine and Infectious and Tropical Diseases. He is the scientific director of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Simit).

The information provided is intended for informational purposes only: it does not represent medical advice in any way and cannot replace diagnoses or treatment indications recommended by your doctor or a specialist..


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