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Mahmood throws himself into cryptoart: here are the Nft inspired by the Ghettolimpo album

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Singer Mahmood has also decided to throw himself into the growing and thriving sector of the so-called cryptoart: are available and can be purchased online Nft inspired by the characters of the album Ghettolimpo.

These are digital artwork, video animations depicting 6 of the avatars created by the singer and each correspond to a different imagery (Inuyasha, Rapide, Dorado, Klan, Kobra, and Zero), together with the album logo and a cover teaser: you can see on a site created specifically for this purpose starting from the base of OpenSea, one of the most popular platforms for digital art, the same used by the editorial staff of Italian Tech to create the NFT given to Minister Colao (video).


How to create an NFT and how to sell it online

by Emanuele Capone

Mahmood is among the first Italian artists to experience this new art form, which uses blockchain technology to certify the uniqueness of a digital work: they were created by Lettergram, who also took care of the graphics of the disc, and can be purchased together with other more traditional products, such as the vinyl edition of Ghettolimpo (or even in a box) or the singer’s official t-shirts.

According to what was explained, for the development of the project the singer collaborated with “two companies with many years of experience in the Nft sector”, that is Zix, marketing and legal agency based in Hong Kong, e Art Rights, startup italiana of art born for the management and certification of physical and digital works with Blockchain technology since 2016: “I have always been interested in digital worlds and I was intrigued by trying to experiment with Nft – said Mahmood – this is how special animations are born for my disc characters taking a new artistic and creative form “.

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I prices some Mahmood NFTs go at the moment (because the cost changes depending on the price of the cryptocurrency needed to buy them) from just over 100 to just over 1000 dollars.

Mahmood’s cryptoart: Nft inspired by the characters of the Ghettolimpo album on sale


The first NFT in history sold by Sotheby’s: “It is comparable to a Picasso”

by Emanuele Capone

Anticipated by the song Inuyasha and from the songs Klan e Zero, which is part of the soundtrack of the homonymous serie originale Netflix (of which Mahmood also edited an episode as music supervisor), Ghettolimpo “represents an imaginary made up of two souls with many nuances that are found and intersect in the lyrics” and is “the result of continuous research and musical experimentation” of the singer.


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