Home » Man asks ChatGPT for weight loss tips – and actually loses twelve kilos

Man asks ChatGPT for weight loss tips – and actually loses twelve kilos

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Man asks ChatGPT for weight loss tips – and actually loses twelve kilos

Artificial intelligence: man asks ChatGPT for weight loss tips – and loses twelve kilos

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AI tools like ChatGPT are trending. Greg Mushen shows that artificial intelligence can even help you lose weight. Read what tips helped him.

Greg Mushen was always a couch potato and hated running because it was too boring for him. Thanks to ChatGPT, not only did he become “addicted” to running, he also lost 12 pounds.

Together with artificial intelligence, he developed a routine that helped him love to run and get fitter again – and it worked. On Twitter he reports on his success story with ChatGPT.

Here’s how ChatGPT helped a man lose weight

Greg Mushen gained a few pounds during the coronavirus pandemic. At the beginning of 2023 he decided to finally get fit again. He did trail running off and on, but he always thought, “I hate running. It would be so much easier if I enjoyed it.”

But Greg Mushen wanted to get himself to enjoy running, so he asked ChatGPT to create a science-based weight loss plan for him.

After eight to ten corrections, Greg had a plan in place. At first he found it “quite unusual” and was skeptical that he could really achieve his goal with this plan.

ChatGPT gave these weight loss tips

  • He should always put his shoes where he could see them.
  • The AI ​​also recommended that he enter a running date in his calendar.
  • Another tip was to “just” walk first and then slowly increase the pace towards jogging.

The tips worked and slowly but surely Greg became a passionate runner, which in turn motivated him to change his diet.

Greg Mushen’s post about his weight loss success was met with enthusiasm from Twitter users:

Running felt so good for Greg Mushen that it inspired him to change his diet. He gave up alcohol and sugar, ate less overall and largely avoided snacking.

Also, while running, he kept thinking, “This would be more fun if I were lighter.”

How long did it take him to get fit?

It wasn’t long before Mushen was running for six straight days without forcing himself. It took him almost 30 days to run more than a kilometer at a time, but he ended up losing a whopping 15 pounds in just three months.

In addition, there is another positive side effect: Mushen reports that he now feels like getting up early and running every morning. In this way, the lost kilos should not come back so quickly.

The American emphasizes that the great thing about ChatGPT is that it can personalize a plan. His greatest insight was that small steps build self-confidence, which in turn motivates people to take even more small steps. He was amazed at how things can change even in a short period of time.

Be careful with health questions to an AI

Artificial intelligence can never replace professional advice and can only provide support with health issues. Anyone who uses an AI like ChatGPT to help with health issues must expect to receive incorrect information. When dealing with AI, a high level of personal responsibility is required.

In-depth questions & answers on the topic:

The main reason for not continuing to lose weight is subconscious snacking. Other possible reasons are less physical activity in everyday life, water retention, the female cycle, an irregular diet and a slower metabolism due to previous crash diets, too little sleep and stress.

Avatar of Yasmin Flohr

Yasmin Flohr

Nutritionist and fitness trainer

A healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity, a balanced diet and sufficient sleep helps to boost the metabolism in the long term. There is no such thing as a miracle pill, but the metabolism can be boosted by eating enough food, doing the right training and increasing everyday exercise.

Avatar of Yasmin Flohr

Yasmin Flohr

Nutritionist and fitness trainer

A balanced diet plays the crucial role in overcoming weight stagnation. A calorie deficit is crucial, but should not be too large. It is important that the food you eat is high in fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. It is helpful to take 3 to 4 hour breaks between meals and avoid constant snacking.

Avatar of Yasmin Flohr

Yasmin Flohr

Nutritionist and fitness trainer

Moderate endurance training such as longer, brisk walks, walking, cycling or swimming is particularly helpful for burning fat. Strength training should also be integrated, since the muscles consume more calories in the basal metabolic rate. A gradual adjustment of the training program can eventually help to overcome the weight plateau.

Avatar of Yasmin Flohr

Yasmin Flohr

Nutritionist and fitness trainer

The original of this post “Man asks ChatGPT for weight loss tips – and loses twelve kilos” comes from FitForFun.


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