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Marco Maddaloni leaves the game permanently

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Marco Maddaloni leaves the game permanently

A farewell, new nominees and a surprise characterized the event episode of Big Brother on Monday 4 March.

The episode has now opened in the usual way: Greece Apiaries arguing with someone in a confrontation. In the last episode it was Simona Tagli, this evening it is Beatrice Luzzi. Naturally there was also space for another face-to-face which has now become, unfortunately, a classic: the one between Mirko Brunetti and Perla Vatiero.

The host then confirmed that the next episode of Big Brother will be broadcast on Thursday 7 March. Until the end of the month there will be two appointments with the Canale 5 reality show: on Monday and Thursday evenings.

During the episode of Monday 4 March Massimiliano Varrese received the surprise visit from sister Monica.

“I apologize, I left in a hurry. But my father-in-law is no longer here, he was Romina’s father. My sporting side would like to stay here with you, but he was an important person for my wife and I would like to be by her side. it means that I have abandoned you, but I have to be with my family. And then the last mile is always done alone”: with these words Marco Maddaloni leaves the house permanently of Big Brother.

Together with Massimiliano Varrese a risk eliminationand therefore be in the televoting, in the episode of Thursday 7 March is Anita Olivieri, which was the tenant least voted by the public. In the televoting she was beaten by Simona Tagli and Perla Vatiero.

We then moved on to the long-awaited nomination by Big Brother contestants. Challenging Massimiliano Varrese and Anita Olivieri in the televoting are the two tenants with the most votes in this episode, namely Simona Tagli, Grecia Colmenares, Greta Rossetti, Federico Massaro and Letizia Petris. So I end up in the televoting Massimiliano Varrese, Anita Olivieri, Simona Tagli, Letizia Petris, Federico Massaro, Greta Rossetti and Grecia Colmenares.

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