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“Meal”: Why do you say that – and how do you actually answer it?

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“Meal”: Why do you say that – and how do you actually answer it?

“Meal” is a greeting that is primarily used in everyday professional life. The meaning behind it is clear: the exclamation is used as a greeting around lunchtime and is mainly used among colleagues. So you wish your colleagues a relaxed, delicious lunch break.

“Meal”: That is the meaning of the saying

The collegial greeting goes back to the long form “Blessed Meal”, which was already in use in the 19th century and shortened over time.

The exclamation has become commonplace, especially in Germany and also in parts of Austria. There is no comparable equivalent in other countries, except perhaps in Switzerland, where people wish “En Guete!” So “meal” is typically German.

Almost no one uses “meal” outside of their lunch break and outside of work.

Even if you meet a boss, greeting them with “meal” may be inappropriate, depending on your relationship. The casual salutation is more commonly used among colleagues

How do you answer “meal”?

But how should you respond when you are told “meal”? A “Thank you!” or “Likewise”?

The correct answer to “meal” is also “meal”. You could also answer “Enjoy” or “Enjoy”, but there are small but subtle differences.

Because while you would shout “meal” as you pass by on the way to the canteen, the greeting at the table shortly before eating is more likely to be replaced by “enjoy your meal”. “Thank you,” “also,” or “also” are good alternatives you could use to respond to your colleagues.

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