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medical treatment and diet

Charlene from Monaco has lost a lot of weight and she is in a state of general and profound tiredness ”, these were the health conditions of the Princess before being admitted to a specialized clinic. Now Alberto’s wife is following a specific therapy that includes a personalized diet and physical activity to recover from this exhaustion.

Charlene of Monaco lost weight and exhausted from infection

Charlene of Monaco had returned to Monte Carlo last November after months of absence, because she was blocked in South Africa by a serious ear, throat and nose infection that caused her a lot of suffering, preventing her from being able to feed normally, among other things. Some time ago, a source close to the Princess had revealed that she was forced to eat only liquid foods and that this had caused her to lose weight suddenly. Charlene would even risk the worst of her. It is known that emergency hospitalization, albeit brief, was required after a collapse.

When the Princess finally returned home she was so debilitated that she and Alberto decided on a hospitalization in a specialized clinic in Zurich which cost 18 thousand euros a day. After a months-long hospitalization, the former swimmer returned to Munich on 12 March. Since then she has not been seen again and for this reason many doubts have been raised about her, from the crisis with Alberto to the point of threatening him with divorce to the news that she is disfigured due to a badly successful cosmetic surgery that would have left scars on her face. and thickened lips.

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The most accredited rumors claim that Charlene is in Roc Angel, just above Montecarlo, the magnificent country mansion of the Grimaldis, where she is continuing her therapy to definitively recover from the infection and recover physically and mentally.

Charlene of Monaco, diet and yoga sessions

According to the magazines Closer e imagethe Princess is following a specialized diet to regain weight after the sudden weight loss. “The diet was developed by a well-known chef”. Alongside a diet aimed at regaining tone and weight, Charlene is working on her physical and mental condition with yoga and swimming sessions in the pool ”. For this, she needs calm and tranquility and that means staying away from the Palace and public life. For this reason she no longer shows herself.

Charlene of Monaco is not showing up yet

It is hoped that the Princess will be able to return as soon as possible to play hers institutional positions next to Alberto. It is expected that by the end of May he could attend the F1 GP which takes place in Monte Carlo and which he particularly cares about. On the other hand, her husband flew alone to London to attend the ceremony in memory of Prince Philip almost a year after his death. Charlene in this case is justified absent, precisely because she is not yet fully recovered.

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