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Mental health: How to find a psychotherapy place

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Mental health: How to find a psychotherapy place

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Kosten­erstattung. If you cannot find a therapy place in your region in a timely manner, you are legally entitled to a private alternative. Ask your health insurance company what criteria must be met in order for it to cover the costs for a therapist without health insurance approval. Stick to it. If the application for reimbursement of costs is rejected, it is worth appealing. Step-by-step instructions are available at: test.de/widerstimm-kk

In the group. Health insurance companies also pay for group therapy. Three to nine patients take part. The form of therapy is considered to be just as effective as individual therapy, for example for anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders. It’s worth asking: There is often more free psychotherapy space in a group than for individual therapy.

Virtual assistance. Psychotherapists can prescribe digital health applications such as apps for anxiety disorders or online programs for depression. They do not replace therapy, but can serve to bridge waiting times or as an accompanying supplement to treatment. Info: test.de/apps-angststoerung

Forms of therapy. It is different methods of psychotherapy. It is also important to find psychotherapy that is right for you.

Involve family. The search for a psychotherapist and long waiting times wear on the shaky mental structure. Ask relatives or friends for support and assistance during this time.

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