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Microdermabrasion at home: tips for correct use

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Microdermabrasion at home: tips for correct use

Anti-aging microdermabrasion: This is what you should know about its use and effects

Microdermabrasion is one of the standard treatments for skin specialists

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Anyone who has ever heard the word microdermabrasion associates it with an appointment with a skin specialist. But there are numerous devices that enable treatment at home. Read here what advantages and disadvantages you should know.

Good anti-aging products drive consumers and the economy alike. Promising methods and products are therefore often touted in advertising as miracle weapons and are intended to quickly ensure firmer, more even skin. It’s smart to question beauty trends, because real recommendations aren’t always hidden behind the flowery product promises. Do-it-yourself microdermabrasion is currently very popular. The beauty treatment is well known from the cosmetic studio, but various manufacturers now also offer devices for self-treatment at home. You can read what you need to know about its use and effects here.

What is microdermabrasion?

Tight, healthy skin is part of the ideal and is something women and men strive for. Blemishes, wrinkles and pigment spots, on the other hand, are unpleasant symptoms and so those affected are always looking for a promising remedy. Microdermabrasion – similar to microneedling with Dermapen – is said to be an effective remedy for wrinkles, skin impurities, large pores, pigment disorders and light scars. The word is made up of three terms (micro = small, derma = skin, brasion = grinding). This means that the top layer of skin is gently abraded using fine crystals. It is a mechanical skin peeling that uses a vacuum-compressed air system and therefore does not require any chemicals. First, the top layer of skin is gently removed using various grinding attachments and then the suction mechanism ensures that the dead skin cells and scales are removed.

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This not only removes dead skin cells, but also stimulates the formation of new skin. In order to benefit permanently from the treatment, it must be repeated regularly – we recommend treatment every four weeks, as the skin renews itself during this interval. There is therefore great interest in microdermabrasion devices for use at home, as they can save you appointments and costs with a specialist.

The advantages at a glance

Dead skin cells and tiny dirt particles are removed. Pores are cleaned. Blood circulation in the skin is stimulated

Microdermabrasion: at home or at a specialist?

If you want to save yourself the trip to a specialist and the associated costs, you can invest in your own microdermabrasion device. It is a simple treatment that is standard procedure in cosmetic studios. As a rule, a visit to a specialist promises better results because the treatment is tailored to you and your skin type is analyzed beforehand. After all, everyone’s skin is different and if you want to be sure that a microdermabrasion treatment is right for you, you should try a professional treatment to see if you like the application before purchasing your own device. You can then invest in a high-quality device and carry out the next applications yourself.

High-quality devices should offer you three to five speed settings and various sanding attachments. This means you can treat sensitive skin areas with a low level, while choosing a higher level for an intensive treatment.

How to use the device correctly

Before the actual treatment, you should thoroughly clean and degrease the skin. After cleansing, start the microdermabrasion device and start working your way from your forehead to your chin. For the first use, choose an attachment that is soft and has a large surface area. If you find the application uncomfortable or painful, stop the treatment again. It is recommended to only treat a small area of ​​the face and wait to see how the skin reacts the first time. After the treatment, you can cleanse your skin with a gentle cleansing foam. The last step is to apply moisturizing care products. Since the skin can be sensitive, it is also worth using sun protection. Basically, applying UV protection makes sense all year round if you want to protect your skin from wrinkles and aging.

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Cleaning the microdermabrasion device

Clean the device thoroughly after each use. Most devices should be able to be taken apart in just a few steps. Wash the items under warm running water. Avoid using a cleanser as this can cause skin irritation the next time you use it.

Side effects of microdermabrasion

There may be slight redness or a feeling of dryness on the skin immediately after treatment. That’s why you should apply a rich care product. A highly concentrated serum with hyaluronic acid is best, which moisturizes and soothes the skin. However, irritation can also occur; sensitive skin is particularly affected. Incorrect use can also cause the skin to become red or inflamed. If the symptoms persist, you should consult a doctor.

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