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Migrants, Meloni to EU leaders: “We need rapid action, strengthen Sar activity”

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Sui migrants “quick and concrete action is needed” to avoid a situation where the criminal organizations they control human trafficking on the Mediterranean routes. The prime minister said, Giorgia Meloniat the European Council in Brussels, underlining the need for strengthen SAR (Search and Rescue) activity. “I know the Tunisia collapses completely there is a risk of a catastrophe humanity, with 900,000 refugees“, added the premier, highlighting that so far landings have tripled compared to 2022 and that we risk “a summer out of control. Meanwhile, the president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, opened on the increase in the number of regular admissions. At the end of the day the face to face also arrived, in a well-known hotel in the center of Brussels, with the French president Emmanuel Macronthe first official after the two informal talks in Rome and Sharm el-Sheikh: a “drawing” necessary to resolve tensions and misunderstandings.

During the
long interview (one hour and forty) with the head of the Elysium, the tenant of Palazzo Chigi spoke about the management of
migratory flows, support for Ukraine, European industrial policy, energy and the reform of the Stability and Growth Pact. At the European Council Meloni went on the attack on the same dossiers. The EU, underlined the premier, ”
learn from your mistakeswe need governance that is more attentive to growth on fiscal rules”.

The leader of the Brothers of Italy then observed the importance of offering greater opportunities for
legal entrances and the progress of the work on
repatriations. Giorgia Meloni then thanked the EU Commission for the work carried out on the initiative of the February European Council and for the letter following the tragedy of Cutro. In the course of the discussion on migration different Member States, such as
Netherlands and Austriain turn thanked Italy for the
“constructive dialogue” and for the
“effective cooperation” in the fight against human traffickers.

“I can say that I am
satisfied with the draft conclusions, which asks the Commission to proceed expeditiously”, Meloni said again. “I would say that we can confirm the fact that the issue of migration is considered central today, if we want unthinkable until a few months ago, and that it is being followed step by step by the Council . It seems to me to be excellent news “, he underlined. For her part, the president of the EU Commission,
Ursula von der Leyenexplained the importance of ”
increase the number of regular entries of workers from third countries”. “I would like to mention Italy’s extremely positive experience on humanitarian corridors”, he added.

Ukraine, “Lega doesn’t worry me, I look at the facts” On the rumors of conflict with the Lega per le weapons in UkraineMeloni replied: “No, frankly they don’t worry me. Beyond the positions expressed to work on a position we are all working on, the end of the conflict, I said what I think: there is no more effective measure than guaranteeing a balance between the forces in the field”.

“Learn from your mistakes on the EU Stability Pact” On the Stability pactsaid the premier, “there are always quite different visions but I think the EU must learn from its mistakes, from the past. Today everyone is being asked to make important investments for the ecological, digital transition, for strategic supply chains. It cannot be thought that the investments necessary to make our system competitive are not taken into account in governance. For us it would be tragic to go back to the previous parameters, we need governance that is more attentive to growth”.

“Yes to objectives but the EU does not decide on green technologies” On the Fit for 55 the position that “we will reiterate is that without prejudice to the objectives of the transition that we share, we do not believe that the EU should deal with establishing which technologies are needed to achieve the objectives. Ours seems to me to be a thesis of absolute common sense and therefore we are confident that it can pass, also with regard to biofuels”, he added.

Bilateral Meloni-Macron reverse Meanwhile, according to EU sources, the bilateral meeting between the Prime Minister and the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron should be held at the end of the first day of the European Council’s work. In the morning Meloni had spoken of “contacts” with the Elysée for a possible meeting with Macron in Brussels.

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