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Mondovì, the swimming pool and the new gym will not bear anyone’s name – Targatocn.it

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Mondovì, the swimming pool and the new gym will not bear anyone’s name – Targatocn.it

The swimming pool and the new gym under construction at Polveriera di will not bear anyone’s name Mondovì Piazza.

The two buildings will be respectively entitled “Monteregale swimming pool” and “Città degli studi” gymnasium.

The proposal to look for two names for the structures had started in recent months through the Monregalese FIDAS which had launched a three-phase search, with the aim of involving citizens and young people (read here).

The suggestions were first collected through a Google form and then a list of proposals was submitted to the attention of the pupils of some high school classes.

“However, there were also alternative proposals suggested by the students themselves.” – explain from FIDAS Monregalese who communicated the results – “Ultimately, a council of” guarantors “examined the proposals, giving a criterion of appropriateness and thus identifying the final choice. First of all, we would like to thank the citizens who responded to the survey with such passion by rediscovering unexpected names and facets of the Monregalese . Another applause goes to the teachers who have dedicated hours to help discover and study the history and geography of the microcosm where we live. Finally, the careful work of the guarantors who have allowed us to define the names of the two buildings with properties should be mentioned “. .

I want to reiterate – he adds Mauro Benedettopresident of FIDAS Monregalese, – “how important it is for an association to make itself felt present and actively involved in the life of the community where it operates”.

A surprising final result, not to mention disappointing. Also because the proposals were certainly not lacking, in March there were over 250 proposals formulated (read here): illustrious Monregalese personalities, sports and not, even living and abstract entities symbol of the city (for example the balloon); in 2021, before the survey, the gym was also thought of naming a woman (read here), but in the end the jury of “wise men” opted for two names that were somewhat more neutral, a little sorry , because the “names” of the Monregalese that deserve to be remembered, even by future generations, there are many.

So Mondovì will have the “Monteregale” swimming pool, a tribute to the territory and the “Città degli studi” gym, which sounds like a wish, because the area next to the building has been identified as the seat of the future headquarters of the high schools, not without the contrary opinion of some citizens who had also started a collection of signatures against the project (read here).

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