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New electric cars (but also hybrids) finally really affordable from famous brands at 12-15 thousand euros

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New electric cars (but also hybrids) finally really affordable from famous brands at 12-15 thousand euros

As a demonstration of the progressive democratization of the sector of electric and hybrid cars, the cost is gradually decreasing. Not at a level to be comparable to that of thermal counterparts, but something is moving:

Volkswagen ID.2 The new Hyundai is coming

Volkswagen ID.2

Volkswagen ID.2 It is a compact with a length of 405cm, a width of 181cm, a height of 153cm and a wheelbase of 260cm. The vehicle design was evolved by combining the distinctive elements of the Volkswagen Golf and Polo cars. The bodywork features a more streamlined appearance than the Polo, with a brand new front characterized by two thin headlights joined by a LED line, and two vertical openings located at the base of the front bumper. The C-pillar features a design reminiscent of the first generation of Golfs. The rear of the vehicle has a classic shape with a slightly sloping rear window and a slim spoiler above it. The taillights are joined by a light element including the Volkswagen logo.

The ID.2 is the first Volkswagen model to feature this styling signature in a new guise. It also features other design elements such as a body with a stable and powerful position on the wheels, a welcoming front end and a combination of dynamism and timeless elegance.

The interior of the vehicle is characterized by a clean and refined design, equipped with high-quality materials, a self-explanatory infotainment system with a traditional volume control and a separate control block for the cabin climate control. The vehicle also offers considerable load capacity, with a stowage volume of 490-1,330 litres, more than in larger vehicle classes. Volkswagen ID.2 it will be marketed at a price of around 15,000 euros, including the use of economic benefits.

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The new Hyundai is coming

The new Hyundaiwith a length of 360 cm, provides for a restyling of the bodywork compared to what has been seen up to now in the city cars of the South Korean brand, in particular of the front, which will be inspired by the Ioniq 5 and Kona EV models.

Recent rumors suggest that the European range of the new Hyundai will include 75PS naturally aspirated 1.0 GDi petrol engines and 100PS supercharged 1.0 TGDi, both featuring 48V mild hybrid technology. And it is possible that an all-electric version will be available. It will be positioned alongside the i10 city car, i20 economy car and other small cars such as Statement e Kona.

Despite being positioned at the entrance of the Gamma Hyundai for the Korean market, it is equipped with superior category accessories. Included accessories include a sunroof, heated and ventilated driver’s seat, automatic climate control and a high-resolution rear view camera.

L’car for the city is equipped with advanced driver assistance technologies, such as adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, rear-crossing collision avoidance system, lane departure prevention system, lane keeping lane and automatic high beam headlights. The estimated price range for Hyundai will be between 10,000 and 15,000 euros thanks to national and local subsidies.

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