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New gym for schools and citizens with two million of funds from the NRP

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New gym for schools and citizens with two million of funds from the NRP

The facility will serve over 400 students from twenty classes. In 600 meters it will host basketball, volleyball and five-a-side football fields

SAN BENEDETTO PO. The new gym that will be built in the back of the school complexes in via mons. Bertazzoni. In this area up to now there was an external multipurpose platform, which was used, especially after the problems caused by Covid, only by elementary school pupils, while middle school students could use a gym that had to be shared with the sports associations of the territory. Constant difficulties ensued in the use of spaces and in the planning of sports activities. The other complexes, for a total of 414 students divided into 20 classes between kindergarten, elementary and IPAA, did not have their own gymnasium. «The goal of the administration – explains the mayor Roberto Lasagna – was to create a new gym as a priority service for schools that did not have one and, secondarily, also for the needs of the sports associations present in the area, decongesting the spaces and favoring regular programming ».

The project involves the construction of a functional structure that will allow access to sports spaces both directly from the elementary school during school hours, and from the outside with a dedicated path by other schools and sports associations. The new building will be anti-seismic and with high energy performance. It will be connected to the municipal district heating network, powered by local renewable sources, and will be equipped with a photovoltaic system with a power of about 20 KW to reduce electricity consumption. The air conditioning of the premises will take place with a controlled and constantly sanitized ventilation system.

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The gym will also be accessible and usable in all its parts by students and athletes with disabilities with the absence of architectural barriers both inside and outside the structure. The building will be rectangular in shape; in the northern part the area for sports activities will be built while in the southern part the service rooms. On the south side and on the east side there will be the external portico connecting with the elementary school. The area for sports activities will have an area of ​​600 square meters. where there will be a basketball court, a volleyball court and a five-a-side football field. The building will be equipped with LED lighting fixtures. There will be emergency lamps connected to uninterruptible power supplies to ensure the illumination of the escape routes in the event of a power failure. Now from the feasibility study it will be necessary to move on to the final executive project, then to the tender, after which, towards the end of 2023, work can begin with probable conclusion in 2024.

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