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New Zealand is quickly overturning its strict anti-tobacco law

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New Zealand is quickly overturning its strict anti-tobacco law

The anti-tobacco law in New Zealand has been overturned (symbolic image) Image: dpa

From July, New Zealand citizens born in 2009 should no longer be able to purchase tobacco products. Parliament has now overturned the relevant laws in an urgent procedure.

New Zealand has overturned its new, strict anti-tobacco laws, which were intended to ban future generations from smoking, just months before they came into force. Parliament had repealed the laws in an urgent procedure on Thursday night.

As part of the measures, all citizens born after 2009 should never be able to legally buy tobacco products. In addition, only a few specialist shops should be allowed to offer cigarettes with a reduced nicotine content.

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The new conservative government under Christoper Luxon announced the abolition of the laws, which were supposed to come into force in July, after taking office in November. She wants to use this to protect retail and finance tax cuts.

The decision has been sharply criticized as leading to thousands of avoidable deaths, particularly among Maori and Pacific Islanders. Among them, the proportion of smokers is above average.

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