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Non-repayable grants for gyms and nightclubs, questions at the start

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Applications for the recognition of the non-repayable grant for owners of discos, dance halls and other activities, such as cinemas, theaters, gyms and swimming pools that have remained closed due to the restrictions introduced to combat the epidemic.

These activities may require grants provided for by the Sostegni bis decree from 2 to 21 December 2021. Applications must be submitted electronically to the Revenue Agency. Let’s see how.

Non-repayable grants for discos and gyms: how much they amount

As reported by the Revenue Agency with the provision of November 29, 2021, these are two types of contributions:

  • a contribution up to 25 thousand euros for discos, dance halls and the like which were closed on 23 July 2021;
  • a contribution with ceiling of 12 thousand euros, for all operational activities in different sectors (from leisure to wellness, from sports to entertainment) which remained closed for at least 100 days between 1 January and 25 July 2021.

In particular, the contribution for discos is intended for economic subjects who have activated the VAT number on a date prior to 23 July 2021 and on that date carry out the main activity provided for by ATECO 2007 code 93.29.10, namely discos, dance halls, night clubs and the like. L’maximum amount for each benefit is of 25 thousand euros and the measures are not alternatives.

The other contribution is intended for the economic entities that have activated the VAT number before May 26, 2021 and whose main activity resulting from the Tax Register as of May 26, 2021 is identified by ATECO codes 2007 listed in annex 1 of the inter-ministerial decree. The maximum contribution that can be requested varies according to the income and remuneration range for 2019:

  • up to 400 thousand euros the amount of 3 thousand euros;
  • over 400 thousand euros and up to 1,000,000 euros the amount of 7.500 euro;
  • over 1,000,000 euros the sum of 12 thousand euros.

Non-repayable grant, applications from 2 to 21 December

The application must be sent, also by an intermediary delegated to consult the tax drawer or with a specific delegation, using the telematic channels with the services Enter Fisconline.
The application form is available on the Agenzia delle Entrate website. The applicant must indicate, in the form of a substitutive declaration of a notary deed:

  • the possession of expected requirements;
  • failure to pass the maximum limits;
  • the list of aid received (Table A);
  • i fiscal codes of the subjects belonging to the single company (part B).

Transmission can be done starting from 2 December until 21 December 2021. In the event of an error, again within the deadline of 21 December, it will be possible to submit a new replacement application or a waiver of the previously requested contribution.


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