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One food to be eliminated and one to eat at will to prevent heart attack

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We are (also) what we eat, as the philosopher Feuerbach teaches. The sentence contains a lot of truth, regardless of its philosophical value. Put simply, our diet has a great influence on our body. Eating healthily can save us from the most common risks to our health, such as cardiovascular disorders and even more so heart attack. There are about 120,000 people affected by heart attack every year in Italy. The causes can be hereditary but also stem from bad habits. The good news is that with small daily corrections we can significantly reduce the risks. Let’s start with one food to be eliminated and one to eat at will to prevent heart attack and other heart diseases.

What to give up so as not to tire the heart

With the exception of foods rich in omega-3s, all fatty foods are to be avoided or reduced if they are good for our heart. Among all the foods rich in lipids, one of the most used in our food routine is the croissant. For many, the morning brioches are indispensable. Unfortunately, however, it is also rich in substances, such as margarine, which decrease good cholesterol (HDL) and increase bad cholesterol (LDL). As a result, they raise the risk of heart attack. The authoritative voice of theAmerican Heart Association. The association recommends reducing the consumption of croissants and similar baked goods for all heart patients.

A little panacea for the heart

We have the opposite effect if we enrich our diet with dried fruit, especially nuts. These small fruits are rich in omega-3, omega-6 and essential vitamins for the well-being of the entire cardiovascular system. Daily walnut intake has been proven to decrease the risk of heart attack and other heart disease. In fact, walnuts are also an excellent deterrent against stroke and atherosclerosis. In summary, brioches and walnuts are respectively a food to be eliminated and one to eat at will to prevent heart attack. To kill two birds with one stone, we can replace the classic morning cappuccino and brioches with a yogurt with 30 grams of crumbled walnuts.


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