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Pesticides, we don’t only find them in fruit: this food that everyone loves is also full of them

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Pesticides, we don’t only find them in fruit: this food that everyone loves is also full of them

A recent study revealed a worrying reality: not only that fruit is contaminated with pesticides, but also a very pure and natural food he is not immune to it. Conducted by a Swiss consumer magazinethe investigation discovered the presence of glyphosate and Amitraz, two harmful substances, in various brands of this product sold in supermarkets.

Not just fruit, pesticides are now found everywhere even in healthy foods!

When it comes to nutritionthe issue of pesticides is often raised: these chemical compounds are used in agriculture for defend crops from parasites, mold and other threats.

If on the one hand they contribute to increasing agricultural yields, on the other they generate concerns for human health and the surrounding ecosystem. The risk of finding traces of pesticides in food products consumed daily has raised growing interest among consumersincreasingly oriented towards safe and organic products.

While the focus is often on fruits and vegetables, there are other foods, enjoyed by many, that may contain significant amounts of these harmful substances.

What are the dangers of consuming pesticide-treated foods?

Eat foods that contain pesticide residues is associated with several health risks, including hormonal disorders, fertility problems, damage to the nervous system it’s a potential increased risk of some forms of cancer. Children and pregnant women are especially sensitive to the harmful effects of these chemicals.

Furthermore, prolonged exposure to pesticides can weaken the immune system and have negative effects on the neurological development of children. It is therefore essential to be aware of the foods with the highest levels of contamination and take precautions to limit exposure to these substances.

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Food contaminated with pesticides: find out which ones might surprise you!

Contrary to what one might think, not just fruit and vegetables are subject to exposure to pesticides. A food commonly considered healthy, such as mielewas recently associated to a high content of these chemicals. The api, in collecting nectar, may come into contact with plants treated with pesticidesthus transporting these substances inside the hives.

An investigation conducted by a renowned magazine dedicated to consumers highlighted the presence of glyphosate, a well-known herbicide subject to controversy, in different varieties of honey available in stores. Even more alarming emerged the Amitraz discoverya pesticide used to combat mites, even in honey brands considered to be of high quality.

These findings highlight the importance of prefer organic or certified products which guarantee theabsence of harmful pesticidesto protect not only your own well-being but also that of your loved ones. It is essential to examine carefully the labels of products purchased in supermarkets in order to preserve your health.

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