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“Pokémon Crystal Diamond/Bright Pearl” released an update file, and the Bug Festival ends | 4Gamers

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The official Pokémon is released today. The revised version of “Pokémon Crystal Diamond/Bright Pearl” Ver. 1.1.2 is released today for free. This update file does not add new content, but fixes “several” errors.

A few days after the game was released, a copy bug was discovered in “Pokémon Crystal Diamond/Bright Pearl”. The reason for copying the bug came from the bug in the menu itself. The player found out the skill learning bug based on this, so there was a group of learning meteors. The big tooth raccoon, and later opened individual values ​​early and so on.

Finding bugs in “Pokémon Crystal Diamonds/Bright Pearls” has become a national sport for Japanese Pokémon players. For example, “Copying Bugs” has been one-on-one from the beginning and requires sacrifices. It evolves in a few days. After 30 times, it was found that no sacrifices were needed, and it was possible to copy a whole page at a time. It can be said that there are new ways to play every day, and it has almost become a ceremonial state of the dance of demons.

Of course, it will gradually subside after today’s update, but if you are disconnected from the Internet and do not update, you can still use it. However, some Japanese players reported that after this update, if the operation that triggered the bug is used again, it will cause the game to be wrong and forcibly close. It seems that the menu bug is not really repaired.

But the matter didn’t end like this. Some players started to complain because the bugs had not been dealt with. The current situation will only make the previous useful bugs and the later people even bigger, and the battle environment has completely collapsed. . In addition, some players began to appeal to the Pokémon company, at least not to allow “Pokémon Crystal Diamond/Bright Pearl” to connect with Pokemon Home.

However, as of now, Pokémon officials have not had any public response to previous bugs. In this update, Pokémon officials mentioned that at the moment when the updated information (Ver. 1.1.2) is released, it will be in the alliance hall When using neighboring host communication or network communication, the maximum number of trainers who can communicate with themselves is 2 people. The functions that can be selected in the alliance hall are battles and exchanges.
Mix with records.

In the future update plan, it is scheduled to increase the upper limit of the number of people who can communicate, and increase the “hello” and “ball shell decoration” functions. In addition, the connection exchange of the facility “GMStation” in Zhuqing City and the function of the “Circle Arena” in the Pokémon Center are also scheduled to be added through future updates.


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