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Portugal is the eighth country to adopt it

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Portugal is the eighth country to adopt it

Portugal Adopts Nutri-Score Nutrition Labeling System

Portugal has made the decision to adopt the Nutri-Score as its national nutrition labeling model, becoming the eighth country in Europe to do so. The Nutri-Score, a traffic light label system, is already in use in countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, and Spain, as well as Switzerland. The move comes after the Portuguese government published an ordinance in the official gazette, Diário da República, making the system effective as of April 5, 2024.

According to outgoing Secretary of State for Health Promotion, Margarida Fernandes Tavares, the Nutri-Score has been deemed scientifically robust, especially after a revision of the algorithm in 2023. The Portuguese Directorate General of Health now has 120 days to develop a plan for the implementation of the system, outlining the process for companies to adopt the Nutri-Score. The government also plans to launch a communication campaign to promote the label among businesses and inform consumers about its benefits.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, the Nutri-Score has been officially in force since January 1, 2024, following a delay from the originally scheduled date. The implementation in the Netherlands was also accompanied by a comprehensive information campaign to educate citizens on how to correctly interpret the label.

As more countries in Europe embrace the Nutri-Score system, the focus on promoting healthier food choices and improving public health continues to grow. Portugal’s adoption of the Nutri-Score marks a significant step towards a more transparent and informative approach to nutrition labeling.

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