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ProPositive is born, the wearable anti-aggression device

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ProPositive is born, the wearable anti-aggression device

It was born from the idea of ​​a Brescia startup ProPositive, the electronic anti-aggression device, which can be worn or used as a discreet accessory. This defense tool, presented at the Fuorisalone 2024 in Milan, is a valid ally in case of need or danger because it is capable not only of emit a highly destabilizing sound but also of communicate with nearby enabled smartphones to request emergency assistance.

In 2022 Monica Pilenghi, designer and CEO of the startup, had already created a jewel, the Zen bracelet, with a sound deterrent hidden inside, which can be activated at any time. Since then, studies have been conducted on ways of reducing the size of the technological device, always keeping an eye on the aesthetics of the jewel, and on human behavior in the event of aggression, illness, fall, in order to create an object within everyone’s reach.

Violence: ProPositive is born, the wearable anti-aggression device

Two years after that first experiment, it was born ProPositivemade in resistant metal with hypoallergenic treatment, in numerous shapes that lend themselves to different uses and equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery to guarantee maximum autonomy. There are currently three product lines: “Jewel”that is, unisex precious jewels, “Phone”i.e. accessories to be applied to smartphones such as a common selfie support, e “Running”accessories for those who love outdoor physical activity.

How is the alarm activated?

If you feel threatened by someone, there is an attack underway, you feel bad or you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you can activate the patented device in two different ways:

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First step: you “tear” the spool ring and ProPositive emits a very loud sound. The device is in alarm state 1. Second step: the fuse ring is completely removed from its seat, the device emits a loud sound and at the same time sends an SOS message with geolocation to the pre-set contacts and phones present nearby, on which the free app has been installed. In this way the device is in an alarm state 2.

The goal of this project is not only to offer help to those who need it but also to create a social “culture”., involving as many people as possible to actively intervene to support those in difficulty. «We intend to participate in reducing violence and physical/psychological/sexual aggression, with innovative solutions to help create safe communities. We hope that ProPositive brings confidence and serenity to those who wear it, aware of having an effective tool and a widespread support network”, comments CEO Pilenghi. The device will be available during 2024.

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