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PS4/5 Spartacus game-to-play service challenges Xbox Game Pass status

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Xbox Game Pass allows users to play a huge number of new and old games with a one-month fee. According to “Bloomberg” news, Sony is intending to launch a subscription service on the PlayStation platform as well, merging the current PlayStation Plus with PlayStation Now.

According to “Bloomberg”, sources quoted that Sony has plans to launch a subscription service codenamed “Spartacus”, allowing PlayStation players to play a large number of old games and even the latest games at a monthly fee. The source said that the plan will be applied to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and the expected launch date is the spring of 2022.

Sony currently has two different services. PlayStation Plus provides online multiplayer battle services, allows players to store games in the cloud, and downloads selected games every month; while PlayStation Now is a cloud game streaming platform where players can use their mobile phones or computers. On the screen, stream and play a variety of PS games on the platform. The news is that Sony intends to merge these two services to fully upgrade PlayStation Plus, while the PlayStation Now brand will enter history.

Sony currently has no comment on this news.

Xbox Game Pass, another rival of PlayStation’s Xbox platform, has been in operation for a long time. There are currently 18 million users. Some of the newly launched games are included in this service.

Source: Bloomberg

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