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Radeon Rx 6800 Xt and Rtx 3080. Graphics cards skyrocket due to viruses and Bitcoin

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Among the new families of graphics cards proposed by Amd and Nvidia, and the latest generation consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox X Series that are equipped with AMD processors, for those who play video games the choice on paper should not be missing, yet … On the one hand there was the health emergency that forced many home, increasing the demand for computers and therefore for processors of all kinds, on the other there are the stellar prices of Bitcoin, which comes ” extracted ”using graphics cards in large quantities. Result: everything is nowhere to be found.

Amd’s Radeon Rx 6800 Xt, just to give an example, is a card that should cost around 600 euros, but which is offered on the market at double or triple. According to our test, compared to the previous generation, the leap forward is clear: thanks to the 16 Gb of ram and the Navi processor with 28.6 billion transistors, it manages with serenity high resolutions such as 4K in the most demanding games and in those for virtual reality headsets. It fails to outperform the competing model, Nvidia’s Rtx 3080, especially when it comes to ray tracing, advanced light management in digital worlds, but in terms of absolute performance it is close. In short, excellent features at a theoretically acceptable cost.

Not surprisingly, to face the AMD competition, Nvidia has launched its new 30 series cards at lower prices than in the past. Today, however, even those of the previous generation are rare and outrageously expensive. So if you are thinking of building or buying a new high-end PC, the advice is to wait, if you can.

On the Friday of 16 April 2021


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