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Rai, the CEO Sergio speaks: “The company is not the Istituto Luce. Never again that curtain between Rosa Chemical and Fedez in Sanremo”

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Rai, the CEO Sergio speaks: “The company is not the Istituto Luce. Never again that curtain between Rosa Chemical and Fedez in Sanremo”

“Rai is not the Istituto Luce”. This is how the CEO of Rai repliesRoberto Sergioto the journalist Lucia Announced that yesterday on the stage of Republic of Ideas in Bologna she said she was scandalized

“I think I have expressed positive judgments, even in supervision, towards Lucia Annunziata. I had reconfirmed her program for the next season without any type of censorship, I had reassured her, indeed I had asked her to confirm her bets until the end of June I don’t think we can be considered Istituto Luce, we are a company that adds and doesn’t take away and we will give a voice to all the voices of the country”. And she added: “I’ve always thought we should change, add, but never purge. I also confirmed Gramellini, Report all programs considered ideological within Rai. To speak of a purge frankly seems excessive to me”.

The controversy over Claudio Lippi

The managing director then spoke of the controversies sparked by the utterances of Claudius Lippiwho, speaking to journalists in Montecitorio in recent days, said: What Claudio Lippi said “is not acceptable – Sergio attacked – No one can speak of Rai colleagues in those terms, including Claudio Lippi. Who is a good person, but he made a sensational mistake”.

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The Fedez-Rosa Chemical case in Sanremo

Sergio recalled that during the last Sanremo “I criticized the simulated sexual act in the front row” by Fedez e Chemical Rosel “in the protected area, I didn’t criticize the kisses. It was unacceptable. If something like this happens again, obviously it won’t be allowed”.

Fiorello’s show

Compared to the success of the first edition of Viva Rai2 Of Fiorello and the controversies of the inhabitants of the street where the program takes place, the managing director of Rai recalled: “Fiorello said that I will have to be the administrator of the condominium in via Asiago, I will have to meet the inhabitants of via Asiago because objectively a little “There was confusion, I understand. I will meet him and we hope to find a solution that will allow us to return. That program lives on the street, and we need to find a way for the program to be compatible with those who live there”. And he reassured: “Fiorello will return to Sanremo to accompany Amadeus at the fifth consecutive festival”.

The law on the governance of Rai

Speaking of the Rai governance law, the CEO underlined: “I believe this law needs to be reformed. When there is a discipline that provides that two directors are elected by the Chamber, two by the Senate and one by the company’s employees , there is a fragmentation that does not allow for strong and cohesive governance: it is a problem”. And he specified: “I am the dd and I exercise my powers: I was voted after the designation so I am in a position to govern the company”.

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The debt of public television

“I found a very high net financial debt, over 580 million in debt situation, in my previous experiences I have always tried to reduce debts, to optimize and to carry out those operations that bring the money inside the company rather than outside that derive from the license fee and from advertising. I trust to do everything possible in these months that will lead us up to the closure of the 2023 budget year and then we will have 2024”, said Roberto Sergio in Venice. “If we know how to interpret the role of public service well – he added after being reminded of the number of employees and journalists in Rai – we should cover the entire national territory through these colleagues and journalists. With the 20 regional offices that we have, these must tell the specificities of the territory, they must tell the various cultural, political and social visions that exist within these realities: this is done through people, we have not yet arrived at artificial intelligence”.

Then he concluded: “Obviously, I’ve only been here for a month, it’s an issue that must absolutely be managed. If I have the ability to close the budget, there will be incentives for leaving, to accompany those of an age which does not make it compatible with digitization, but also to encourage the entry of young people ready to take up the challenge of a digital media company which is the operation we want to do”.

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