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Round One, an event dedicated to the export business, is staged at the Turin Ogrs

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“Esports are very heterogeneous, including dozens of titles played with equally different formulas. Precisely for this complexity they cater to different demographics and different types of consumers, ranging from the most competitive players to the most social players, to fans who come together for the game they love, for the teams they cheer for or the stars they identify with. Esports are part of a much broader trend in the video game industry, linked to social enjoyment and group entertainment “: this he told us Marco Salette, president of the Iidea association, to introduce the Round One event, staged at the Turin Ogrs on 5 and 6 October.

The second edition of the event dedicated to the export business in Italy is organized by Iidea and Nintynine, can count on numerous important partnerships and sees the participation of more than 60 companies and 35 speakers, of which 10 are international. It presents more than 20 in-depth events on the sector, with the participation of publishers, teams, brands, operators, agencies and media centers. A digital platform allows the booking of events and participation in remote interventions. In addition, on Wednesday 5 October, the Italian Esports Awards ceremony will take place within the event, streamed on the Round One Twitch channel at 7pm.

The interview

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Saletta explained to us that “Round One was born from a direct need of the export operators who are members of Iidea con the aim of favoring the development of the sector in Italy, promote the professionalization of its actors and connect transversal worlds in what wants to become the reference business appointment on the national territory. Because the numbers of the sector can no longer be ignored ”.

Esports contribute to designing not only a market, but a new medium to reach a young, educated, cost-effective audience that is difficult to find through traditional means of communication. Round One represents an accelerator for understanding esports, a moment of meeting and connection to facilitate intra- and extra-sector business opportunities and a knowledge accelerator through the direct involvement of national and international experts.

A sector that according to the latest report on exports (but new data will be revealed during the event) sees in Italy 475 thousand people who follow events daily, a basin that expands to over 1.6 million people if we also consider those who declare that they follow an esports event several times a week. Acnora Saletta: “Competitive gaming is a rapidly expanding phenomenon. According to the latest report produced by Iidea in collaboration with Nielsen last May, over 1.6 million people follow an esports event several times during the week, a figure that is 15% higher than the previous survey “.

The growth is also confirmed by the increase in hourly consumption on Twitch, where there are 58 hours of viewing of export events compared to 34 the previous year, a record increase of 72%. Saletta told us that “the study that will be presented during Round One will have a different focus. It will be called Landscape of the Esports Sector in Italy and will be an estimate of the economic impact generated by sector operators considering the employment impact, related spending and amplification due to the incremental spending power generated by the sector in Italy. It is the first time that a survey of this type has been carried out in our country ”.

The background

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The Landscape research of the Esports Sector in Italy will be presented at Round One on 6 October from Tommaso Mattei, Head of Consulting Europe, MENA & Mexico of Nielsen Sports & Entertainment. On the same day, Timo Kruger, Commercial Director Esports & Gaming, International of Nielsen Sports & Entertainment, will delve into why brands are increasing investment in the industry and what are the best strategic approaches to sponsorships to drive growth in both brand equity and sales.

After a first Round One edition made in 2020 remotely due to the pandemic, this year the event has chosen to move to the evocative spaces of the Officine Grandi Riparazioni, “a unique place capable of combining the industrial charm of the late nineteenth century and technological innovation (this is where we held our Italian Tech Week, ed). Perfect for hosting this event dedicated to the world of competitive gaming which, by their nature, bring together innovation, technology, business and entertainment ”.

Ogr Torino will not only host the event within its spaces, but has chosen to supportare Round One as Innovation and Networking Partner together with Crt Foundation as supporter of the initiative.


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