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San Basilio, intimidating act against Don Coluccia’s gymnasium

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Second intimidating act in the gymnasium of the ‘Fiamme Oro’, in the San Basilio district, already the scene of a similar episode at the beginning of September. The municipal premises are about to be redeveloped to accommodate a social project that the council of the former mayor Virginia Raggi built together with Don Antonio Coluccia in agreement with Fiamme Oro aimed at the young people of the neighborhood. Also renamed ‘gym of legality’, the space in via Tranfo was presented in August last year.

In two months, two indimidatory acts denounced by the courageous priest who fights the drug dealer in the neighborhood. The latest episode, according to the cleric’s complaint, occurred on October 27 in via Tranfo. Unknown, they damaged the side wall to prevent the shutter from opening and left on the ground a design with two eyes as coins and a cap as a mouth. An act of “intimidation”, according to Don Coluccia, founder of the Opera Don Giustino.

“They have set a drawing with quick concrete, two eyes with a euro coin, a 50 cent coin and a cap as a mouth. As if to say ‘dumb you have to stay’. We go on. Don Coluccia in Rome Today.

The episode took place on the eve of the visit of the Undersecretary for Sport, Valentina Vezzali, accompanied by the president and CEO of Sport and Health, Vito Cozzoli. Today the two will visit the clubs and sports spaces of the San Basilio district in Rome, meeting Don Antonio Coluccia and the many volunteers who, together with him, are involved in sports in the area. The meeting, already planned for some time, also wants to be a testimony of closeness and solidarity in the light of the intimidation and the attempted break-in suffered by the sports structure.

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“We have signed an agreement between Roma Capitale and the Fiamme Oro of the police. Now we need to finish the work and bring the premises up to standard, but we need money. A lot has been done but we must continue to work”, added the parish priest .

To show solidarity with Don Coluccia, also the Mayor Gualtieri who called the parish priest last night to show him his full support and that of the whole city, after yet another intimidation suffered. The Mayor reiterated that the Capitoline Administration will always be at his side, on the front line, for the defense of legality and against organized crime.


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