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Seegene announces cooperation with Microsoft to the vision of a “world without …

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Seegene announces cooperation with Microsoft to the vision of a “world without …

31.01.2024 – 01:35


Seoul, South Korea (ots/Prnewswire)

The strategic cooperation in the field of molecular diagnostics aims to “become a“ world without illnesses and future pandemics ”to achieve the automated development system for diagnostic reagents by Seegene by integrating Microsoft Azure Ki solution endowed in the first half of 2024 gives the starting shot for the cooperation

Seegene Inc. (KQ096530), a leading South Korean company in the field of molecular PCR diagnostics, announced the strategic partnership with Microsoft in London on January 23 in London, for his SG OneSystemTM project to realize the vision of a “world without diseases” .

Seegene will work with Microsoft to promote the development of the SG OneSystemTM project, to share its commuting strategy of Seegene its quantitative synditative PCR technologies with leading companies around the world in order to promote cross-sector innovation in the molecular diagnosis. The expansion of the participating companies with which Seegene wants to found a global consortium will offer optimal solutions worldwide so that future pandemics can be effectively mastered in order to collectively get closer to the goal of a “world without illness”.

In order to achieve this goal, Seegene works with the global health team from Microsoft to promote the SG OneSySystemTM project by taking together vision for joint vision and bringing potential partners together at the annual symposium of SG OnesystemTM. Other important events in which current and potential SG OneSystemTM partners meet who take part in the SG OneSystemTM project will take place in the first half of this year to realize the common vision.

The Seegene Digitalized Development System (SGDDS) integrates the Microsoft Azure Services, such as: B. Azure OpenAI Service. This service is used by Seegene to simplify data interaction and analyzes for researchers who work with the extensive data volume generated by SGDDS. The implementation of the extremely secure Azure Trusted Research Environment (TRE) will expand the limits of PCR research and support compliance with data protection and regulatory regulations. Seegene Implements Microsoft Fabric, a central AI-supported analysis platform that brings together the data from SeGene and redesigned data access, as well as data management. Functions are used that include data integration, data modeling, data science, data monitoring, real -time analysis and business intelligence. The integration of AI support using Microsoft 365 Copilot will increase productivity, promote innovations and improve creativity.

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In addition, Seegene works with Microsoft during research for innovations in healthcare. This includes next-generation management and analyzes of PCR data as well as the initiation of future projects in the health sector. Seegene aims to improve the healthcare system together with Microsoft by diagnosing diseases precisely and early, which forms the basis for effective treatment and prevention.

“The strategic cooperation with Microsoft enables us to use a better structured SG OnesystemTM,” says Dr. Jong-Yoon Chun, CEO and founder of Seegene. “Through our joint efforts, we promise our way to the way to a world free of everyone Diseases will pave. “

“We support the vision of Seegene with the aim of a ‘world without illness’,” said Elena Bonfiglioli, General Manager for Global Health and Life Sciences at Microsoft. “In addition to working with Seegene, we will cooperate in the digital transformation of the company in order to Finding global partners and further improving the health system. “

Information about Seegene

Seegene can look back on 23 years of relevant experience in the areas of research and development, manufacture and operation of quantitative syndrome PCR technologies, which became particularly clear during the Covid 19 pandemic than the company has more than 340 million covid-19 tests delivered to over 100 countries worldwide. The core element of the unique syndrome-PCR technology from Seegene is the ability to test 14 pathogens that cause similar symptoms at the same time in a single PCR approach and to provide quantitative information about the infectism profile that correlate with the severity of the disease.

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SG OneSystem TM Project

The SG OneSystemTM project is a global strategy to realize a “world without diseases”. The goal is to enable scientists and experts to develop quantitative syndrome-PCR diagnosis tests on site, the diseases in all organisms and Cover in all areas of application, whereby SGDDs are used in the global cooperation.

Seegene aims to share its unique quantitative syndrome PCR technologies with leading companies around the world to partner with them as a consortium partner for the development, manufacturing and distribution of diagnostic tests. The SG OneSySystemTM is intended to shift the effort for the development of products that cover all diseases, from a single company to a cooperative worldwide network. This not only includes the development, but also regulatory admission issues, production, marketing and sales. The success of SG OneSystemTM will provide a comprehensive prevention measure that contributes to a sustainable future for the entire ecosystem.

As part of SG OneSystemtM, Seegene launched the “Open Innovation Program Powered by Seegene” together with Springer Nature in September 2023. As part of this program Develop application areas.

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