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Shazam’s monthly identification number exceeds 1 billion!And successfully matched more than 50 billion tags and 51 million songs

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Global users Shazam reaches 1 billion times every month. Aiming at this very landmark milestone, Apple Music and Beats Vice President Oliver Schusser said: “Shazam is synonymous with magic. In addition to allowing music fans to identify music almost immediately, it also allows artists Discovered. Shazam is identified 1 billion times a month and is one of the most popular music apps in the world. Today this milestone not only represents people’s love for Shazam, but also represents the growing interest in exploring music around the world.”

Shazam is one of the most popular and highly rated music apps in the world. Since its launch, it has more than 1 billion Shazam and 50 billion paired tags every month; since Shazam was launched in 2002 as a short-messaging service, it has identified the total number of audio messages each year. Both continue to grow; in 2008, after the launch of this familiar and loved app in the new Apple App Store, the number of recognized audios has grown exponentially.

It took 10 years for Shazam to reach 1 billion tags. Less than 10 years later, Shazam’s monthly identification number exceeded 1 billion, and it successfully matched more than 50 billion tags with more than 51 million songs. The first Shazam result received through the text message was T. Rex’s “Jeepster”, and the 50 billionth Shazam song was Wang Yanwei’s Chinese pop song “Love in a Frame (Unplugged Version)”. So far, Tones And I’s “Dance Monkey” is the most Shazam track ever.

Shazam is designed to protect user privacy; when the user activates Shazam’s music recognition function, the app will create a digital fingerprint for the audio and pair it with millions of tracks in the Shazam database within a few seconds. The digital fingerprint is output on the device, and the original audio is not sent to Apple. This ensures that the entire identification process remains safe and protects the privacy of users.

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On iPhone, iPad Or iPod touch Shazam in the control center

You can use Shazam directly from the control center of iPhone or iPad. Go to Settings> Control Center> Click the button next to Music Recognition to add Shazam to the Control Center. Just slide down to the control center and tap “+”, Shazam can immediately recognize the song that is playing on the device or around you, even if you are listening through headphones, Shazam can also assist in the recognition.

* Requires iOS or iPad OS 14.2 or above.

Other Shazam related news:

At the 2021 World Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced ShazamKit. Developers can integrate Shazam’s audio recognition technology directly into their apps. Not only can they pair music with Shazam’s vast song catalog, but also Any pre-recorded audio is paired with a custom result created by the developer. For example, in the case of virtual learning, when the course content is played through a video conference, the audio of the course content is used to trigger the synchronization activity in the student app; ShazamKit will be launched in 2021 Released in the second half of the year.

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In this article, the number of monthly Shazam identifications exceeded 1 billion! And successfully matched more than 50 billion tags and 51 million songs that first appeared on TNN Tao News.

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