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Shoot and re-invent photography (and more) with artificial intelligence

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Shoot and re-invent photography (and more) with artificial intelligence

Photographer Nicholas Sherlock created a Sony camera app that sends all the photos taken directly to OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 artificial intelligence system to generate new versions, reinvented with the use of algorithms. You take the photo and she is inspired by the shot to imagine something new. The app is called Quantum Mirror, was released on Github and is designed for Android-based Sony cameras, which include older models like Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R II but not Alpha 7 III or newer cameras. «The photos – explained the photographer well on his website and in Petapixel magazine – are sent to the AI ​​DALL-E 2, which invents new versions, revealing a world that could have been. It is a way to scrutinize parallel universes ».

As can be seen on his website, the effect is more a suggestion than anything else. In the sense that the AI ​​does not stray too far from the original but limits itself to presenting unedited versions of what you have done. As if he were a friend photographer with the same camera working alongside you on the same objectives.

From the original to the remake

Photogallery5 pictures


However, the experiment is undoubtedly interesting and opens new frontiers not only for photography enthusiasts. Since E 2, remember, it uses a machine learning model that can generate stunning images from text descriptions. The new project of OpenAI, the non-profit organization founded by Elon Musk, and Sam Altman is a sort of automated illustrator. He starts from the caption, from a description of the image to be obtained, the AI ​​understands the message, looks for the elements and composes the illustration. Text-to-image models are typically trained on large datasets taken directly from the web, which can introduce a variety of problems. In the case of Quantum Mirror, Sherlock uses Dall-E2 as a sort of “intelligent” Photoshop leaving his imagination the possibility of working the images in post-production. The effect is often surprising.

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